Tuesday, March 24, 2009

She's got lots of Glass!

Monday night we went with our friends/neighbors the Haws' to the Desert Botanical Gardens near Phoenix. There is currently a Dale Chihuly exhibit there - the blown glass is spectacular!

The exhibit is there until the end of May, I believe, so if you are local, I'd encourage you to attend if you can, but make reservations, check their website at http://www.dbg.org/ . It's fabulous!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finally... Miss Mallory!

While we were in computer Limbo... my Miss Mallory had a birthday!!
Eight years ago she came to join our family!

We were all prepared to have her come, when a couple of days before her due date,
we went to the hospital to do the "become familiar with us" tour. Actually, it was
Dr Linnerson reviewing things for the not first time parents, but had been awhile,
or something like that. We left the Banner Desert, pulled out onto Dobson Road to get on the
freeway. While we were waiting, a big ole boat of a car rear ended us. The poor lady felt
so bad.. her mom or grandma or someone was in the hospital, and she was stressed, and
wasn't paying attention.

Of course, with me 9 months pregnant, the firefighters wanted me to get checked out.
I said I was fine, and we went home. I sat in my glider-rocker with my feet up, when
all of a sudden - the baby was doing somersaults! Huge ones! That is not something that
should be happening that late! Needless to say, she turned head up.. not good.

We went to the hospital two days later, and Dr Linnerson was on call for the weekend, so he
tried to do a Version - which involves turning the baby. Grease up the belly, and try to turn
her like a wingnut- crazy! She did turn around to head down, but she never engaged, and the
next day, Feb 24th, I had a c-section, my first. Not very fun.. but it did bring our Mallory.

Her name was not because of anyone, but one that we liked, and because it fit the pattern that
we'd inadvertently started with the other two. It has two consonants in the middle, and is seven letters long. Weird, but it just turned out. Don't know what we'd do without her!

We kind of had a splurge out on her Birthday dinner, we as a family had finished reading the Book of Mormon, between stake conferences, a challenge by our Stake President. We also had Grandpa Michael in town, so we went to Ah-So for Tepanyaki style Japanese dinner! That was YUMMY! Here are a few pictures documenting her day - from waking up - to going to bed

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

In My Neighborhood...

For awhile I have wanted to take a tour of my neighborhood to show you (out-of-towners) what it is like, and challenge you to do the same.

So, the other night when we walked the dog, I snapped some pics.

There are many of these in our area...

My son wishes he could buy that car...

Who can tell me who's house the flower is in front of?
Bonus points for you!
(those of you who live near me!)

Here is Milo, taking Jessica for a walk!

Please Recycle!!

Wildflower time!

Sweet Mary Lynn, on a walk with

her mom and siblings!

Yep, it's wintertime in Arizona!

My famous neighbor Dane, and cousin Blaine,

who have appeared on the recent season of

The Biggest Loser!

For more pics of Dane, see http://www.fatsassyandmrwonderful.blogspot.com/

So, my challenge to you is to take a walk, take some pics, even if
it is snowing outside, and let me know when you do! I suppose it is a tag,
but I won't name names.. just do it!