Monday, July 14, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to Mt Graham...

It Rained!!

We climbed and we climbed! I know that we hit 10,000 ft at some point, but we never saw the sign! It was a beautiful drive! It was so nice to be out- the temp got down in the 50's on our way up. I had the windshield wipers going full blast at one point. We thought we might be the last ones there to get boys, and we were.

Janet kept an eye out for her husband to come down the mountain, as he had been one of the directors there. We did see him, and she could have jumped in and went home with him, but she stayed with me, thankfully, to the top! Since it had rained on us going up (and then we were ABOVE the clouds, ) we figured the boys would have gotten some rain. We were a quite welcome sight to them! They were all sopping wet, as they'd been stuck OUT in the rain. They were not allowed to go back in the dining hall, since it had already been mopped and cleaned.

Janet and I walked up to the main camp while the boys got their things loaded in the Suburban. There was an extra young man who'd gotten left behind, so we gathered him up as well. It was beautiful up there, although we couldn't see OFF the top of the mountain. The boys were NOT too stinky, because they were wet!

We had a good trip! Only one fell asleep on the ride home - Since everything was wet, we rolled down the windows for part of the way- beautiful fresh air! We stopped at the Sonic in Thatcher to get some lunch, then loaded up for the drive home. Janet wanted to hear what everyone thought of the training, and they were eager to share, and many wanted to come back and serve on the staff next year, so she was happy! We were gone from 7:30am to 4:00 pm, so it was a long day on the road, but an enjoyable trip overall!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Well, I haven't actually taken it yet, but I'm leaving in an hour or so...
It unexpectedly, turned out that I need to drive to Safford/Mt Graham today!
My son has been gone all week to Silver Axe Scout camp, an NYLT program up on Mount Graham. The gentleman that was going up to get him and 3 other boys was having problems with his vehicle, so I offered to go instead. I have never been to that part of Arizona, so it will be a little bit of an adventure for me.

However, I won't be going alone. Janet, a lady my husband works with and who was partly responsible for getting my son and his cousin going to the camp, is going with me. She works with the regional scout council here, and her husband is also at the camp. She is going to be my navigator, since I've never been there. It will be interesting because she doesn't like heights, and it is 11,000 feet or so at the camp! Also, I've never spent this much time with her, (it is about a 3 hour drive) other than seeing her at work, and occasionally we gave her a ride home. So, we'll see how it goes.

I'll be bringing home 4 stinking tired, make that stinking, and tired, teenage boys in my Suburban, for three hours...

Should I invest in a nose plug?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!!

Oh Wait, that was last week, wasn't it?

Okay, so I am slow in getting things posted..

We went to the Diamondbacks game on Friday night! There was a special half price ticket promotion thru work, so I took advantage of that! After the game, which was very boring and the Dbacks lost to the Padres, there were fireworks! It didn't look like we'd be able to see them from where we were.. so, when they were opening the roof, we went out and crossed the street to the top of the parking garage next door.. It was fabulous! I haven't seen fireworks that close in forever! We had smoke in our eyes and there were still burning ashes coming down! The kids loved it!

I didn't attempt to take pics of the fireworks - not really worth it! But we had a great evening!
I'm glad to live in a free country!

Friday, July 04, 2008

A 24 Hour Vacation!

Tuesday afternoon, my neighbor and I took our total of 6 kids and left town! We finally left the other side of Phoenix about 5, and headed north to cooler country. Trying to make 6 kids happy with dinner would have been impossible, so we made an executive decision and stopped in Cottonwood at Casa Bonita Family restaurant. We got everyone fed and then drove the short distance to the resort. The kids had fun in the pool and then the jacuzzi tubs, we played some games and got everyone to bed.

We kind of lazed around in the morning.. had some breakfast then headed out! Our destination was I haven't been there in probably 17 years, when I went with my brother and 3 other guys! (Woo! What a trip!) I don't know if the state park was established back then.. I just remember hiking down to the creek from the road! We got there by 10 am, and the kids promptly went for the slide!

Brennan was the first to get in - they were too cute with their goggles!
Mallory was a little more hesitant! Overall, she didn't like the slipperiness of it all, and she didn't get in the water too much after her slide!

Jessica just went for it!

And as cold as it was, even I took a trip!
Here we are with the famous red rocks of Sedona as our background!

We went back to the resort, and everyone got cleaned up, we had some lunch, and were headed out of town by 3 pm! Made it back home about 5:15pm - so it was a quick turnaround, but it was really nice to get out of the hot valley, and up where the air was a little bit cooler! We love our neighbors!

Oh, and we made it to the Weight Watchers meeting, and I lost another 5 pounds ! Yeay me!!