Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!!

Oh Wait, that was last week, wasn't it?

Okay, so I am slow in getting things posted..

We went to the Diamondbacks game on Friday night! There was a special half price ticket promotion thru work, so I took advantage of that! After the game, which was very boring and the Dbacks lost to the Padres, there were fireworks! It didn't look like we'd be able to see them from where we were.. so, when they were opening the roof, we went out and crossed the street to the top of the parking garage next door.. It was fabulous! I haven't seen fireworks that close in forever! We had smoke in our eyes and there were still burning ashes coming down! The kids loved it!

I didn't attempt to take pics of the fireworks - not really worth it! But we had a great evening!
I'm glad to live in a free country!


Stephanie said...

How cool that you were so close to the fireworks, I bet that was a great show! Games are usually fun even if they lose, and even better half price!

Tummy said...

I love it when someone else is "doing" the fireworks and I just get to sit back and watch.

Happy b-lated 4th Mom.

Puffy said...

Fireworks at ballparks are great! At L.A.'s Dodger stadium, people get to come down onto the sidelines and in the outfield to watch the fireworks.

Fat & Sassy said...

Cute photo! I love the Fourth!