Sunday, December 31, 2006

Okay.. It's about time...

That I updated...

We had a good Christmas! We survived without my mom.. as I know that she would have wanted.

We are NOT the "wake-up at the crack o'dawn" family on Christmas. We actually make our kids eat Breakfast before we open presents! (oh, the horrors!) Normally we spend Christmas Eve at DH's family - and open exchanged gifts there. That always left MY family for Christmas Day. We'd have my folks over for breakfast, most often Belgian Waffles with Strawberries and whipped cream. Then we'd open presents with them here, and then go to their house later for dinner with the rest of my siblings and families. Since Dad is out of state this year, we did breakfast with just us, then had my siblings and their families over for dinner later. We also had my grandma come from the nursing home, and had a great time with her. I often think that "maybe THIS year will be our last with her.." but she keeps hanging in there! My brothers went and picked her up at the nursing home, and signed her out. The last time she'd left there was Thanksgiving 2005, when my mom last signed her out. So my brother was honored to sign under Mom's name.

The above pic is at the mall- near the carousel- where we had the obligatory ride after getting the "professional" pictures taken.. If I can find where we saved it, I'll post it later!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Hey! More cookies!

Hey! Someone sent me more cookies! I didn't think I was supposed to get TWO sets! Thank you Blogger-whose-identity-I-don't-know!

They came from a UPS store in VA... anyone want to fess up? Because I'm not sure who sent me the yummy chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, and I think almond bark?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Okay, I'm slacking..

I was hoping to be able to blog once a week or so, but finding quiet time on the computer is scarce. My family does not know I blog, even DH does not know.. We have only one computer so it's a bit tough - we'll see how long it lasts.

DS is 12! Had his birthday on Monday, tomorrow night DH is taking him and 3 friends to see Eragon (OPENING NIGHT!!) I went and bought the tickets in advance this evening. Tomorrow will be a busy day! I'll work for awhile at the bank.. till 1 or 2 maybe! The kids get out of school at 2:55, so I'll be home for that.. DH needs picked up at the airport at 4:30 (crosses fingers that plane will be in on time from St Louis), Piano recital for B & J at 6:30, (hope Grandma will let them go first..) then pick up the boys for a 7:50 showing, and then they are spending the night. And somewhere in there, we'll need to eat.

Our local theatre has an reuseable cup you can buy, so on return visits you pay only $1 to fill it back up. They also have shirts you can buy, 20 bucks maybe, at the beginning of the year, and you get a coupon for a regular popcorn when you wear it again to the theatre. For a showing of Batman or maybe Xmen earlier this year, we got some tshirts free, so I borrowed some of my brothers, so we have the free popcorn covered!

Anyone have anything like that at their local theatres?? And what is with this NINE-flippin-FIFTY to get into the show ? I had two passes that I'd bought on a deal at Costco that made them $7.50, but good grief!! Who can afford to go to the movies anymore!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Just a Quickie!

My Bloggy cookies are on their way to a coupla bloggers on the other side of the country! Priority Mail, so I hope they're still pretty fresh when they get there!

In other news... I lied to the clerk at the post office when she asked if there were anything perishable in the boxes I was sending! I wonder if fruitcake would qualify as perishable??

I'm working again today - only until 1, then I'll be baking bread! My bread customers are wondering where I am!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Queen of Avoidance

Yes, Call me the Queen of Avoidance.
If there is something I don't really want to do..I will do my best not to do it.
I don't really like to make calls where I have to pressure people or ask difficult questions.. (does that make sense?)

My big avoidance this week.. My dad is engaged, and his fiance was in town for a week. (a whole nother story there..)
He and she wanted to take me, sis, and SIL to a late lunch on Monday. I didn't really want to go, but didn't know how to tell Dad that.
I left work early to MEET them at Olive Garden at 1:30. I got there, and NOONE was there. I was cheesed because I could have still been earning money. I called him, they were still picking up Sis, who is ALWAYS running behind. I called SIL, who didn't want to go either.. We both needed to be back home by 3 for our kids getting out of school, and there just wasn't time to get into a restaurant, order, eat, and get out in time.

So.. I called my Dad back, told him I was upset, he apologized, and I told him there wasn't time and we couldn't do it.

So I avoided having to have an uncomfortable meal with his fiance, whom I don't know. (she did come to our house with him for dinner last week, but I don't really know her, or know what to SAY to her. It was awkward having her around, with Thanksgiving being the first major holiday without my mom.)

What sort of things do YOU avoid??

Thursday, November 23, 2006

And to you as well!

Happy Turkey Day to all my bloggy friends! I got my cookie recipients this morning, so I'll have to get baking soon! Looking forward to what "I" will get from the cookie exchange! I'm thinking about sending my recipes along with the cookies! I will be making Cherry Walnut bars, and also Mexican Wedding cookies! I figured those will travel the best, especially since they'll be going to the other side of the US! (Yes, Puffy, that means I don't have you!)

DH is gone delivering rolls to MY family's dinner, (we are eating at HIS family's ) - also picking up his Mom, and possibly a Pie as her contribution. We'll be bringing several dozen homemade rolls, and a turkey. Now I have to go slice mushrooms so he can make gravy when he gets back!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My own Brag ...

Okay, yes, I know Halloween is over, but I just got the pics back from being developed the other day! Here are my two girlies with the circle skirts I made for them! I think they turned out pretty darn cute! (but I'll be darned, I can't figure out how to fix a picture so I could upload it to Seana's brag thread on OT...)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

All I want for Christmas...

It was difficult to get her to smile this morning to see where she was missing it!

Miss M lost one of her front teeth yesterday. She went to play at Hunter's house (her new "friend" ) and I knew the tooth had been loose. Hunter's mom said M came to her saying she was bleeding, and she got a paper towel to clean it up with, and she touched it and OUT came the tooth!

Yeay! It was pretty painless! I like those kind! This was her 3rd tooth lost, as she had her two bottom teeth pulled when the permanent teeth came pushing in behind! We couldn't find her tooth fairy box last night to put her tooth in, so it stayed in the plastic bag on her dresser.

Later, when I was combing her hair for school.. she asked me if the tooth fairy was real? Good grief, she's only 5 and has that figured out already?

Hopefully the other loose front tooth will come out with the same absence of drama!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hmm.. don't think so..

From MSN Lifestyle: Women
20Things to get before you're 40.

1) A DEAD-SERIOUS PIECE OF TIMELESS CLOTHING MC recommends: The YSL tux for women. yes, at $3560, it costs the equivalent of 350 pairs of leggings, but it will outlive them by several decades.
2) A LOOK You’re not Madonna; enough already with the bimonthly reinventions. Are you a Dietrich throwback? A reconstructed punk? Figure it out and shop accordingly.
3) A PIECE OF ART Yes, the birch trees in that framed Ansel Adams poster are v. v. haunting, but consider an investment piece with which to start an actual art collection. Living artists cost less; how about a Cecily Brown print or a limited-edition Tom Sachs multiple?
4) A FIRST EDITION . . . of To The Lighthouse, the ur-Woolf.
5) FANCY LUGGAGE (A MATCHED SET, PLEASE) No more schlepping through airports with midcentury Samsonite. MC recommends: Gucci’s new Guccissima line, which makes the goofball trolley look like a major style statement ($3350).
6) ENLIGHTENED Go see the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India. For his schedule, visit
7) A FINANCIAL ADVISOR No, the hedge-fund dude one stool over doesn’t count.8) A MUSEUM MEMBERSHIP Whether it’s the Met, the Getty, or the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia, it’s time to earn some culture cred. take your place on the gala circuit—perfect for that YSL tux.
9) A MAMMOGRAM ’Nuff said.
10) A GOOD CAUSE Stop considering yourself your own favorite charity. Amnesty International? Oxfam? Amfar? Then get your new financial advisor to determine what chunk of every paycheck you can commit.
11) A REAL WATCH No, you can’t wear rubber on your wrist with the YSL tux. MC recommends: the Cartier roadster ($3,950). Mechanical movement with automatic winding that works off the heat from your skin. Kinky. . .
12) A BIG-*** TV MC recommends: Philips 50-inch ambilight, $3999. Hello, size queen.
13) A SMARTY-PANTS SUBSCRIPTION Foreign Affairs, The American Scholar, The Economist. To be read, not fanned out on the coffee table.
14) A SERIOUS RIDE Adieu, Budget! MC recommends: the Cadillac XLR roadster, $78,495. Not your daddy’s Caddy, trust us.
15) AWAY Forget the brocade cushiness of the European capitals. Whether it’s overnighting in a ger in Mongolia or experiencing Vietnam before Mcdonald’s takes over, enjoy a soul-expanding, life-changing Third World vacation.
16) SOME CLASSIC CDs Verve just released the to go series featuring discs of Coltrane, Ella, Billie, and seven others. Buy all 10: Jazz makes you look cool and gets you laid; even better, you’ll be listening to these long after you’ve stopped caring about both.
17) SOME CLASSIC DVDs Try MGM’s Billy Wilder Collection: everything from The Apartment to Some Like It Hot. In terms of classy wit, makes The Devil Wears Prada look like Loony tunes.
18) A DECENT CUP OF COFFEE Wake up and smell it. MC recommends: the Illy X1 Francis Francis! Espresso Machine ($800)19) A DESTINATION HAIRCUTWhether it’s Leonor Greyl in Paris, or Chris McMillan in L.A., spend serious bank, at least once, on something crazy-chic.
20) OTHER THINGS TO GET? Busy, ready, pregnant, on with it. (Did we mention a YSL tux?)

Hmm.. Let's see I have 3 months before that blessed event.. (yes, I WILL be having a party- although not as extravagant as Carey's, and with WAY less liquor! (er milk) )
#9- haven't had one, will call the Dr's office.. soon.. yeah.. soon..
#14- we just bought a 2007 Suburban, is that considered serious?
#18-don't drink it.
#20-been there, done that.. a few times.

How bout you?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I have a new Job.. or Two.. or Three...

I started a new part time job this last week!. I have pretty much always worked full time. When we were married, DH was going to school, and had a part time job at a grocery store. I had been working at a bank for a couple of years, so I continued working.
When B was born, I went back to work after 6 weeks, still for the bank, as I was earning more at the time than he was. DH was still going to school and working, so it was logical that I continue working. I have worked for 4 different banks, one new one was a result of a merger – but I have enjoyed it. J was born, then M, and I continued to work. I had often dreamed of being home with our children, but didn’t see how it could work financially due to choices we had made. I enjoyed making money, and being able to spend what I wanted. (not that I was extravagant, because I wasn’t.)

In February, I began working part time – (25 hours) and I left after the kids went to school, dropped M off at daycare, and was home shortly before B& J got home from school. Since DH’s salary was increasing, it looked like I could be the stay at home mom.
We also decided to have faith that it would work. Effective July 1, I was no longer employed. It was nice to be at home, and we took a vacation in July for 10 days – the longest we’ve ever done. At the time, my facial neuralgia was acting up, so it was nice to NOT have to go to work. ( I have Trigeminal Neuralgia- which is a post for another day.)

But now that we have tried living on just DH’s salary, it’s been a little tight. I have a friend who works for yet another bank here in town, who has had a part time, on-call position available in the lock-box unit that she manages. Since M is in full day Kindergarten, it only made sense that I apply for the job.

SO.. a few hours a week, I can make a little money to buy stuff like.. oh, food, and gas!

I also have been making and selling fresh bread! I think it is a lost art, (not that I have it mastered)and my neighbors are buying it! I make white, and part wheat, and the latter is receiving more raves! I made 12 loaves of bread yesterday, and sold 9 of them. I also talked it up to some others, and they want me to call them when I bake again! Yeay!!

For my 3rd job, it’s not really a job, but sorta. Our neighbors 2 doors down we are pretty close with, and Beth has asked me to hem some jeans for her daughters in the past. She has offered to pay in the past, but I’ve not let her. She recently brought a pair of pants and a dress, and paid me for them. Now I have two more pairs of pants to hem, and her neighbor has brought a comforter that needs to be fixed.

So.. I’m happy that I can contribute to our income, doing things that I enjoy doing, and feel close to my mom, because they are things that she taught me to do!

Monday, October 30, 2006

All Because Two People Fell in Love

I’m finding it difficult to put into words how I feel right now.

Oct 31, 2006 is my parents 42nd anniversary. They were married in the LDS Los Angeles temple, all those years ago, after Nancy followed Michael across the country. They met in Chicago, got engaged in New York, married in Los Angeles, and had their first child in Salt Lake City. Four more children followed to complete the family. After moving around Utah, and into Wyoming, with a brief stop in New Mexico, they finally settled in Arizona. Dad was glad to not have any more snow to shovel, and Mom found a new career as a dental assistant. Life was not always easy for them, in fact, sometimes it was downright depressing. But through it all, they loved each other, and their children. Nancy’s faith carried them through.

In September 2006, after suffering various pains and other health problems, Nancy was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a type of cancer. We were told that it was treatable, so our expectations were high for recovery. However, it was not to be. After a short hospitalization in Jan/Feb 2006, her body gave out and she passed from this life February 13…. 6 days after her 63rd birthday. All of us kids were there with Dad, and our spouses, and we sang to her many of the songs she had taught us as children.

Mom was always singing – she loved music. I remember listening to records of the Sound of Music, and West Side Story while we cleaned house on Saturdays. Mom also recorded cassette tapes of her singing old songs that her Grandmother had taught her.. to send to my brother’s children – who lived far away. As a teen, I got involved in the school choirs – and although I loved to sing alto, I resisted singing it because I didn’t want to do the same thing as my mom – she was an alto. So I sang soprano in the choirs, and now, I sing the hymns in church as an alto – and they remind me of Mom.

I could go on forever about my mother- she was a wonderful person. I wish my day tomorrow was less busy so I could spend time listening to music, and thinking of her.
Halloweens past – when we were in elementary school, we would often be dropped off at the school for the carnival, while Mom and Dad went out to dinner to celebrate their anniversary. This year we will take our kids to the Trunk or Treat at the church – Dad is with my older brother and his family – they will have a happy celebration- grateful for the lives we have..
All because two people fell in love.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

One down.. One to go...

Poodle skirts that is.. except they're really not poodle skirts. They are actually called circle skirts on the pattern.. Sure, there is a template for a poodle, but I am doing a cute little purse on each of them. M (age 5) has been telling her friends she is going to be a 50's girl for Halloween - which is correct I suppose. This afternoon while I was sewing, J (age 9)was doing some sort of dance - I tried to explain The Swing to her, but without actually getting up to show her (like "I" can dance!) Then, this evening while at our neighbors sharing dessert, she told her friend " I can do The Swing!" ... O Brother.. (I didn't do such a great job of explaining it.)

Just want to also say thanks to Nutz for welcoming me to Blogland! And to everyone who has said hello! I read lots of blogs, just never had the opportunity to post! So I'll try to comment a little more!

Monday, October 23, 2006


It's not necessarily my "favorite" holiday, but it has some special memories!

First of all, my parents were married on Halloween- 1964! Dad used to always say that Mom got the Trick and he got the Treat! (Oh, why do I sit here and make myself cry??) This year my parents would have celebrated 42 years of marriage. However, my mom passed away in February - 6 days after she turned 63. I don't know how Dad is going to handle the 31st.. I wish I could be with him to support him! Thankfully he is with my brother and his family- I hope they help make the day bearable for him. (I miss her so much, too!)

I'm trying to upload one of my favorite Halloween photos.. I believe I was 4 or 5.. there is not a date on the photo. My mom made a Dutch girl costume for me.. Her mom was born in Holland, so there is a connection there. It's a cute photo, if I say so myself! But I also dig the bookshelves made of bricks and 2x4's(or something)- and the speaker that is on the shelf, is in my GARAGE!! (that's a whole 'nother story..)

(well, I'll need more help in the photo posting dept.. ) eta - I did it!!

Yipppeeee ! He's gone!

That Amazing Race!
I have been a fan of it since the beginning...
I couldn't tell ya who was on what season and all that.. but I love it.

However... I am THRILLED that that nerd Peter is gone!
Sarah I was okay with.. but Peter was an insensitive idiot!
Glad that Sarah realized it all early on!
Go Sarah! I would have liked her to stay, but Peter just had to go!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Okay, I'm blogging

Okay, I'm really just doing this so I can comment on other blogs, but maybe, just maybe, I'll occasionally post something.

I don't consider myself a writer, but I'll try. I used to keep a journal, but haven't done well at that the last few years. So, maybe this will inspire me a bit!