Monday, October 30, 2006

All Because Two People Fell in Love

I’m finding it difficult to put into words how I feel right now.

Oct 31, 2006 is my parents 42nd anniversary. They were married in the LDS Los Angeles temple, all those years ago, after Nancy followed Michael across the country. They met in Chicago, got engaged in New York, married in Los Angeles, and had their first child in Salt Lake City. Four more children followed to complete the family. After moving around Utah, and into Wyoming, with a brief stop in New Mexico, they finally settled in Arizona. Dad was glad to not have any more snow to shovel, and Mom found a new career as a dental assistant. Life was not always easy for them, in fact, sometimes it was downright depressing. But through it all, they loved each other, and their children. Nancy’s faith carried them through.

In September 2006, after suffering various pains and other health problems, Nancy was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a type of cancer. We were told that it was treatable, so our expectations were high for recovery. However, it was not to be. After a short hospitalization in Jan/Feb 2006, her body gave out and she passed from this life February 13…. 6 days after her 63rd birthday. All of us kids were there with Dad, and our spouses, and we sang to her many of the songs she had taught us as children.

Mom was always singing – she loved music. I remember listening to records of the Sound of Music, and West Side Story while we cleaned house on Saturdays. Mom also recorded cassette tapes of her singing old songs that her Grandmother had taught her.. to send to my brother’s children – who lived far away. As a teen, I got involved in the school choirs – and although I loved to sing alto, I resisted singing it because I didn’t want to do the same thing as my mom – she was an alto. So I sang soprano in the choirs, and now, I sing the hymns in church as an alto – and they remind me of Mom.

I could go on forever about my mother- she was a wonderful person. I wish my day tomorrow was less busy so I could spend time listening to music, and thinking of her.
Halloweens past – when we were in elementary school, we would often be dropped off at the school for the carnival, while Mom and Dad went out to dinner to celebrate their anniversary. This year we will take our kids to the Trunk or Treat at the church – Dad is with my older brother and his family – they will have a happy celebration- grateful for the lives we have..
All because two people fell in love.


mm said...

Your mother sounds truly beautiful, inside and out. Thank you for sharing her story with us.


Puffy said...

*wipes tears from eyes*

What a loving tribute to your parents! I'd like to hear more about your mom sometime.

I've driven by the LDS temple in Los Angeles many times.

Mom2BJM said...

Well, Puffy, February will probably bring some more thoughts.. There are 3 birthdays that month, Mom's, Mine, and my youngest's. So.. it will definitely be an interesting month. My mother WAS an incredible person.. a few days didn't go by that I didn't talk to her, as she lived close. My parents usually were at our house on Sunday afternoon, either to just visit the grandkids, or we'd have them for dinner also.

I think my dad is doing alright today.. he had a habit of writing a letter to Mom on special days, because she was not easy to buy for. And.. he wrote another for her today, although she won't read it here. I think it is helping him heal a little - though complete healing.. may never happen.

Puffy said...

I like the thought of writing a letter to loved ones on special days. I think I'll start doing that.

Lasann said...

I found you. What a beautiful tribute to your parents. Wow!

Zombs said...

Hey you!

What a beautiful story...please continue to share. Special days are hard...especially the first year. Hang in there. If it helps write more about her and your father.