Friday, October 20, 2006

Okay, I'm blogging

Okay, I'm really just doing this so I can comment on other blogs, but maybe, just maybe, I'll occasionally post something.

I don't consider myself a writer, but I'll try. I used to keep a journal, but haven't done well at that the last few years. So, maybe this will inspire me a bit!



~Nutz said...

*jumps up & down totally excited*

Mom!!! *grin*

I'm your first comment!

Welcome to blogland!

~Nutz said...

Oooh! Can I tell others you're here? You know... make an annoucement and send them over to say "hi"?

If you prefer to keep a low profile, I understand.

*big grin*

Cygnus said...

You know you wanna. Welcome aboard!

Mom2BJM said...

Yes Nutz... you may!!

Puffy said...

This is how many of us started...just to comment on OTHER blogs. Welcome! I found you from MTW's blog.

Geggy said...

Glad you could join us!

You'll see a whole other side of us when you start reading our stuff.

And you'll start liking it so much you'll be hooked like the rest of us.

Silvergirl said...

Hey, now you can use this as your journal, aaaannnd... if you save your emails and put them in a binder, they can also be used as a journal. It's a good record of things you have done.

Welcome aboard the blogger ship!