Monday, October 23, 2006

Yipppeeee ! He's gone!

That Amazing Race!
I have been a fan of it since the beginning...
I couldn't tell ya who was on what season and all that.. but I love it.

However... I am THRILLED that that nerd Peter is gone!
Sarah I was okay with.. but Peter was an insensitive idiot!
Glad that Sarah realized it all early on!
Go Sarah! I would have liked her to stay, but Peter just had to go!


mm said...

Hey! You got the blog! Good for you. :)

I was thrilled to see Peter gone too, and even though I liked Sarah, at least she doesn't have to Race with him anymore.


Cygnus said...

And how about how firmly but politely Sarah gave Peter what-for at the end? PLEASE tell me the Barbies had more sense than to hook up with that dolt.

I wish Sarah well. I'll send her a gallon of 3-in-1.

Mom2BJM said...

Well, Peter seemed awfully sure they'd remain friends for a long time! I dunno.. I didn't think Sarah said anything about that..

*blank look* - 3 in 1??

I think the Barbies are smart enough not to..

Hey are there Early Show appearances anymore? I mean, I'm home now.. and haven't seen any.. (although the TV isn't usually on CBS..)

Cygnus said...

3-in-1 = oil. Or, as we Bawlamorons say, "awl." For her leg.

They're a little tougher to find, but the Early Show videos are still on the Net. But you'll have to search for the one with Peter and Sarah; I can't link it here. :-(