Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Dad

I love my dad.
I am grateful he chose a beautiful wife.
I am thankful he did things with me.
(I don't know if that's really me, though..)

He always provided an adequate and safe home for our family.

When he became a Grandpa - to Megan Michelle.

Megan will soon make him a Great Grandpa.

Summer 2009And with my sweet boy Brennan... Summer 1996

Thanks Dad - I love you, and Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday Night Lights...

Friday night clouds- and the sun setting..

We were headed towards Scottsdale for a Drive-in Double Feature...
Mark noticed how ORANGE the sky was..
We loaded up the lawn chairs...
Some sandwiches,
Caramel popcorn,
Buttered popcorn,

Sonic drinks...
A mom, a dad...

and a coupla cute girls...
(the boy was gone with the Scouts to a cabin..)

Oh, and a pig and a monkey came too..
The weather was beautiful - even took some blankets..
it tried to rain, but we only got a few sprinkles.
Although there is no longer playground equipment up near the screen,
the drive in can be a fun place...
No more poles with speakers on them to hang on your car window..
Bring a radio and tune it in (my Zune was awesome !)..
Hope that the kids nearby aren't too rowdy.
Maybe the girls will fall asleep in the car -
oh, and maybe I will too.
If double headers started at 6ish, maybe I'd see more of the
second movie!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

A finished project

When fabric is on sale at Joann's, I often will buy, not always sure what I'll make..

I started this a few weeks ago - and finally finished it today - Hope it doesn't make your

eyes buggy... I know that stripes get me a little.

Let me say I am NOT a regular quilter.. there is no handsewing here - it's just squares and

all machine stitched.. and it just has the stripes on the back. Not even a real binding..
I really did try to make a pattern - really..
Anyway, I'm proud of it. There is also something oddly satisfying in finishing off a spool of thread! It is for my sister who is having a baby in the next few weeks...

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A night out.. with my baby...

Who taught this kid manners?
A few weeks ago, we found ourselves alone with Mallory on a Friday night.
We tried to find a place for dinner that wouldn't have a long wait...
it had been a long week, and we were hungry.
Suddenly it dawned on us to go to The Landmark !

We hadn't been there in quite sometime!.
It is an old two story churchbuilding in Mesa, West of downtown. Our first apartment was only a few hundred yards away from it, but way back then, we in no way could afford to eat there! They have a salad ROOM, not a salad bar.. but a salad ROOM! All kinds of thinks like quail eggs and pickled stuff...It's kind of a fun place.
It has beautiful wall paper, wooden divider type things that have old china pieces on display. Probably the best part of the meal is that they give you SORBET , a small scoop, between courses to "cleanse your palate". Yum! The lemon sorbet is the best, but we had raspberry this night.

Mallory was being her usual fruitcake self.. it was fun to hear her talk- without any competition for attention from her siblings. She was getting goofy putting her pinky up in the air... She absolutely LOVED the chocolate mousse for dessert - we split one- yum!

I suppose I shoulda made myself a little more presentable..

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Yep. That's me. I am going to try and do better.

Here's a fun picture - rats... doesn't want to load.. I'll try later!

We met Anthony about 14 years ago! When Mark & I moved to Oregon, we knew no one there!
We asked around at church for referrals for a babysitter - Brennan was only a month old, and I had to go back to work.

Anthony's mom Kim was who we were referred to! She was a nurse- now doing child care- and the fit was wonderful. She lived not far from us, so we dropped off Brennan on our way to work.
Kim was wonderful- she had a houseful of fun kids she tended - and they always had fun.

Not knowing anyone in Oregon- the Libonati's kind of took us in as family- I still consider them family now. Anthony was just a little guy then - maybe 8 years old? Precocious little guy - tough, he played ice hockey in a league. Well- he is still playing, although now in a semi pro status. He is all grown up and married! Wow! We were able to meet him for lunch on Memorial Day when he was in town for a Hockey tournament. We had a great time visiting with him and catching up on his family. We've all reconnected via Facebook - so that was great.

It was great to have a little time with him - now we have to figure out how to see his parents, Kim & Dana again- Guess we'll have to make a trip up north again!

While in OR, we also had a chance to become acquainted with the Jazz group New York Voices.
Dana met Darmon Meader in New York - a birthday present from Kim, if I remember. Kim Nazarian, of the group, came out to help Dana with a workshop for his Choir kids, and one night she was at their house - and we were invited to come and listen! Dana on the piano, Kim N singing, and Glen, Dana's brother, on the drums I think. It was awesome! I got a tape recording of Kim singing an acapella Somewhere Over The Rainbow! It was the best - also Soon It's Gonna Rain - I wish I could find that little cassette tape - although it probably won't sound so great anymore.

Anyway - memories - of the great time we spent in OR!!