Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Yep. That's me. I am going to try and do better.

Here's a fun picture - rats... doesn't want to load.. I'll try later!

We met Anthony about 14 years ago! When Mark & I moved to Oregon, we knew no one there!
We asked around at church for referrals for a babysitter - Brennan was only a month old, and I had to go back to work.

Anthony's mom Kim was who we were referred to! She was a nurse- now doing child care- and the fit was wonderful. She lived not far from us, so we dropped off Brennan on our way to work.
Kim was wonderful- she had a houseful of fun kids she tended - and they always had fun.

Not knowing anyone in Oregon- the Libonati's kind of took us in as family- I still consider them family now. Anthony was just a little guy then - maybe 8 years old? Precocious little guy - tough, he played ice hockey in a league. Well- he is still playing, although now in a semi pro status. He is all grown up and married! Wow! We were able to meet him for lunch on Memorial Day when he was in town for a Hockey tournament. We had a great time visiting with him and catching up on his family. We've all reconnected via Facebook - so that was great.

It was great to have a little time with him - now we have to figure out how to see his parents, Kim & Dana again- Guess we'll have to make a trip up north again!

While in OR, we also had a chance to become acquainted with the Jazz group New York Voices.
Dana met Darmon Meader in New York - a birthday present from Kim, if I remember. Kim Nazarian, of the group, came out to help Dana with a workshop for his Choir kids, and one night she was at their house - and we were invited to come and listen! Dana on the piano, Kim N singing, and Glen, Dana's brother, on the drums I think. It was awesome! I got a tape recording of Kim singing an acapella Somewhere Over The Rainbow! It was the best - also Soon It's Gonna Rain - I wish I could find that little cassette tape - although it probably won't sound so great anymore.

Anyway - memories - of the great time we spent in OR!!


TARA said...

Was that jazz group on the CD you loaned me for my trip last month? I listened to that 4 or 5 times and really enjoyed it.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Yep- I think so! They are great!