Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A night out.. with my baby...

Who taught this kid manners?
A few weeks ago, we found ourselves alone with Mallory on a Friday night.
We tried to find a place for dinner that wouldn't have a long wait...
it had been a long week, and we were hungry.
Suddenly it dawned on us to go to The Landmark !

We hadn't been there in quite sometime!.
It is an old two story churchbuilding in Mesa, West of downtown. Our first apartment was only a few hundred yards away from it, but way back then, we in no way could afford to eat there! They have a salad ROOM, not a salad bar.. but a salad ROOM! All kinds of thinks like quail eggs and pickled stuff...It's kind of a fun place.
It has beautiful wall paper, wooden divider type things that have old china pieces on display. Probably the best part of the meal is that they give you SORBET , a small scoop, between courses to "cleanse your palate". Yum! The lemon sorbet is the best, but we had raspberry this night.

Mallory was being her usual fruitcake self.. it was fun to hear her talk- without any competition for attention from her siblings. She was getting goofy putting her pinky up in the air... She absolutely LOVED the chocolate mousse for dessert - we split one- yum!

I suppose I shoulda made myself a little more presentable..


Kristy said...

I've only been to the Landmark a few times, and it's yummy everytime! Jon has never been before...maybe some day honey!

Puffy said...

That's the way we were taught that women drink tea in China. Pinky up! Men drink with one hand and cover the cup with their other hand, from the front.

Kaja said...

Sounds like fun! I love fancy places... maybe when all my kids have moved out and I'm old with money..LOL!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

More presentable? You look gorgeous. Miss-Pinky-Up is darling.