Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Which do I need more??

Milk or Gas?

I really hate it when the cost per gallon of Milk is higher than gas!!

All of a sudden Milk is hovering around $3 per gal! I have gotten used to the little milk wars where it is $1.77 or $1.88 - and all of a sudden - no sales!

Then, we're hitting some low gas prices too... I think our area average is $2.51, but close to home it is about $2.45.

I hate it when it gets all lopsided like that!


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm not THAT old, am I?

Wow! I'm the mother of a 7th grade boy. He received his schedule in the mail today, along with a map of the campus. He will go to a kick-off rally Friday morning, and then will tour the campus to find his classrooms. Being AZ, there are multiple buildings, so it'll be in and out a few times during the day. (This is new to me, since I didn't attend school in this state, where I was - there were real seasons, including winter, so we were all in one building.)

School starts Monday.

But, he makes me laugh. A couple of his latest:

His hair stays pretty short...(thankfully!) He asked me to buzz it for him several weeks ago, and I was happy to save the $15 I usually spend for a haircut. Pretty much all one length, figured it would grow out, and he could get one more "professional" haircut before school starts.

So.. one evening DH notices him walking across the room. "What did you do to your sideburns?"
He'd showered in our bathroom, where DH leaves his razor, and DS apparently tried his hand at cutting them. WHITEWALLS! We've been at the pool quite alot this summer, and he's pretty tan, so it was very obvious that he'd cut them. Ha! The next day he had me shave his head even shorter, so it didn't look so bad! Silly boy!

We have a cross-cut shredder in the other room, and it got knocked over the other day. DD cleaned most of it up, and vacuumed, but the top didn't get put back on the receptacle. So, it was DS's turn to vacuum that room, and he was being stubborn, sitting there, not doing it.

A little while later, in he comes, sobbing, with the plug end of the vacuum, and about 12 inches of cord in his hand. OOOPS! He was playing around, trying to get the shredder to work without being all connected, and ended up shredding the vacuum cord. Thankfully, we have another vacuum, but that was the better one. (rats!) I'll have to see how much it would take to get it fixed.

Anyway, he keeps me amused, my dear son. I'll see how much I like him once he becomes a smelly teenager in a few months.