Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Which do I need more??

Milk or Gas?

I really hate it when the cost per gallon of Milk is higher than gas!!

All of a sudden Milk is hovering around $3 per gal! I have gotten used to the little milk wars where it is $1.77 or $1.88 - and all of a sudden - no sales!

Then, we're hitting some low gas prices too... I think our area average is $2.51, but close to home it is about $2.45.

I hate it when it gets all lopsided like that!



Cygnus said...

What gets me is that I can buy milk at the Giant down the street for $4/gallon. But if I drive 25 miles westward, I can get it for $2.50 or less!

And we're surrounded by dairy farms (at least the ones that haven't been bought/developed yet).

Bravie said...

Milk. Hands down. I will pay whatever they charge me for milk because I can NOT do without. and I go through about a gallon every three days. By myself. It's expensive but it keeps the bones healthy.

~Nutz said...

I have not seen milk under $3.50/gal around here for at least a year. I paid $2.41 for gas yesterday. Weeeee! :D

How dumb that I get excited to see gas under $2.50 when 2 years ago it was around $1.50

Mom2BJM said...

Okay, I won't complain too much bout what I think is pricey milk!

Hey Cyg - Milk - it does a body good! Maybe you need some more??

Bravie - what do you typically pay for a gallon there?

Yeay! Nutz is back! I just paid $2.89 for milk - bought 3 gallons - the children must be thirsty!

Puffy said...

I buy a gallon of milk a week. A couple of months ago, it was about $2.79 a gal. Now it's more like $3.99 a gal.

Our gasoline has dropped to about $2.85 a gal.

So the price of milk is going up and the price of gas is going down. Milk gives lactose-intolerant people gas.

I think the cows eat corn from grain but they're using the corn grain for ethanol gas.

Puffy said...

Yesterday I saw 1/2 gal of milk for $3.99 and a gal for $4.59.

Mom2BJM said...

Ack!! Puffy, if milk cost that much here, we'd not be having it! We have cereal nearly every day, so THAT would have to change!