Sunday, January 27, 2008

Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to

No matter how you say it, they are yummy. But tonight, I'm talking about fried potatoes.

It's cold and rainy, and I needed something to warm up with!

Several years ago, we went camping with two other families from church. One family lives 2 houses down and we'd probably call them our best friends - after 9 years of living so close. On the camping trip, we decided we'd do common meals so we worked out a menu. We suggested fried potatoes along with something else.

"Huh? Fried potatoes, what's that?" was Allen's comment... "ACK" was our combined response!

Chop up an onion or more, peel (or not) and slice some potatoes.. Heat up a few tablespoons of vegetable oil and fry them up until a little crispy! My dad used to say the ratio of onions to potatoes s/b 1:1, but that's a bit much! Of course, when we had them camping, fried up in a cast iron pan, they were even better! We just couldn't believe they'd never had fried potatoes!

So, do you like fried potatoes? Onions or no? Or have you never had them?
We now like to put shredded cheese on top, though we really should cut them there calories!

And I'll try not to make my next post about food...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Next Question..


Yes or No?

Cooked or Raw?

In Soup?

With Ranch dip?

DH has had a cauliflower gratin- I didn't taste it.

I made cauliflower soup for my lunch today, I think I'm going to go make Cranberry Almond scones... found here.. don't they look yummy?

I found in a roundabout way from Pioneer Woman, to Country Doctor's wife to this lady..


Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Survey..

If I was your neighbor and I was making you cinnamon rolls to thank you for doing something for me, would you like them with:

cinnamon alone,




cream cheese frosting,

or all of the above.

Please answer.

*just finished a loaded roll... nuts, raisins, and almond flavored icing!*

Monday, January 07, 2008

To answer ...

Zombs asked about my work at home job...

It's not really a work at home, but some stuff I can take home.

I work for Treasury Mgmt at our bank, and Lockbox is a part of that.

One of our "clients" (not customers..) is a local diocese which has private schools around the area. People can donate up to $1000 tax deductible for married couple which goes to the private schools. This time of year, er, December & November, the donations get pretty heavy - as the year end push for tax deductions goes on. We process the deposits for the diocese, and then we also do the data entry for each donor into the database - noting which school they want their funds to go to, etc. I can access the database at home, and we have been overwhelmed, as it's mainly me, and sometimes one other gal that do the data entry. I am still working on 12-31 work, as we received 900+ items that day. It takes about an hour to do 50 items... so I'm plugging away.. and getting a few extra hours in..

Which will help pay for...

My New Car!!

it is a Tango Red Pearl Honda CRV - it's pretty basic, no fluffy stuff on it, but I like it! It will get better gas mileage for running the kids around. (no moon roof either!) This is what we spent New Years Eve doing... I didn't really want another car registration due at the end of the year.. (our suburban's is due in November.) We don't have cheap registration here.. For example, it was $550 on the burb. Who has them cheap? Other than Oregon, I know it's pretty reasonable there.

Anyone want a Ford Taurus with 120k miles on it?? I've got one for sale, really cheap!

Hope everyone's New Year has started off well!