Monday, January 07, 2008

To answer ...

Zombs asked about my work at home job...

It's not really a work at home, but some stuff I can take home.

I work for Treasury Mgmt at our bank, and Lockbox is a part of that.

One of our "clients" (not customers..) is a local diocese which has private schools around the area. People can donate up to $1000 tax deductible for married couple which goes to the private schools. This time of year, er, December & November, the donations get pretty heavy - as the year end push for tax deductions goes on. We process the deposits for the diocese, and then we also do the data entry for each donor into the database - noting which school they want their funds to go to, etc. I can access the database at home, and we have been overwhelmed, as it's mainly me, and sometimes one other gal that do the data entry. I am still working on 12-31 work, as we received 900+ items that day. It takes about an hour to do 50 items... so I'm plugging away.. and getting a few extra hours in..

Which will help pay for...

My New Car!!

it is a Tango Red Pearl Honda CRV - it's pretty basic, no fluffy stuff on it, but I like it! It will get better gas mileage for running the kids around. (no moon roof either!) This is what we spent New Years Eve doing... I didn't really want another car registration due at the end of the year.. (our suburban's is due in November.) We don't have cheap registration here.. For example, it was $550 on the burb. Who has them cheap? Other than Oregon, I know it's pretty reasonable there.

Anyone want a Ford Taurus with 120k miles on it?? I've got one for sale, really cheap!

Hope everyone's New Year has started off well!


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Amy, you said you aren't funny but the comment you left on my blog, about the Cyclamins was very funny. Yes, many things in life are a mystery and I agree, that ten-year-old should crave doing dishes. There is something wrong with the universe that that isn't so.

Another mystery is why old people, really old ones, who need love and company are not "love and company" magnets. Can you tell I am sitting here, feeling guilty about not visiting some old friends?

Have a great the-dishwasher-is-fixed sort of a day.

MTW said...

Amy, I love the new car! the color is so sassy! ;-)

Fat & Sassy said...

I thought I saw a new car across the street! HOW FUN!!!!!! And the color is really pretty! Can I put you on my friends list? Yes, I LOVE my blog I play around as often as I can. I wish the girls still lived at home so they could really help me(isn't that why we have children?) Let me know about adding you to my list. It's the good list. I do have a bad list but you are not on it! LOL