Friday, December 28, 2007


Anyone else glad that Christmas is over?

1. To answer MTW, Diamond Earrings - which I traded up today - I wanted a little more sparkle. Is that bad? I am paying for it with earnings from my part time job, which I've sort of been socking away.

2. DH and DS are watching the 4th Harry Potter. The DD's are watching HSM2 - Me? working my part - time job - some data entry from home, well, I'm taking a break.

3. My dad & his wife have been visiting, I'm glad I've been able to spend time with them. Glad I get along with Jean much better than I did a year ago. It doesn't make me miss my mom any less, but I can accept his happiness a little easier.

4. I am the loser at OTSS. My SS has still not received their gift - granted- I didn't send it until the 18th, but I would have figured it would be received by now. Perhaps I should not play next year. Or I should plan a little better.

5. Dad is giving us a wireless something (for Christmas) for the other computer in the house, he already gave us his wireless router he didn't need anymore. This will allow us to get on the internet in the other room. Though.. DD got on a chat room whilst at her grandma's the other week... her dad was not happy. She is 10, and where she went wasn't great. So? there will be settings & passwords & such set up.

6. Milo. He cracks us up. He has a new bone that he is carrying around from room to room, as if looking for a place to bury it. Hasn't found the perfect spot yet. After all the years of resisting a dog, I'm glad we've got him. He's cute. He'll lay down right on top of our feet if we sit still on the couch. Automatic foot warmer! (and yes, it's a bit chilly here now!)

7. Now, he's scratching on the door to take it into my bedroom! Not!

8. I have not sent one Christmas card out this year, and I would like to be better. Work will slow down after the first of the year, so I'm sending them delayed this year. (and I should send something BIG to my SS giftee.

9. When someone wants you to pick them up at the airport at 11:55 on Christmas Eve?? the airport is NOT crowded, but?? their plane may be delayed, as well as baggage delayed, and you might not get home until 2a.m. *yawn*

10. I think I'm going to go to bed, and read a bit of "It's Not Easy Being Green." (from the bargain price table at Barnes & Noble. )

gnight everyone!

(wow... I made my first list!)


Puffy said...

Is your dog, Milo, a puppy or an older dog? Soon, you won't remember what life was without him.

Once I had to pick up someone from the airport on July 4th at night, missing all the fireworks.

*smooches on missing your mom* I miss my mom, too.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

He is 2 and a half years old! June is his birthday. We were very lucky to get him for free - the friend of a friend of a friend needed to find him a new home, and we just happened to be it! Life changes when you get a dog - no more driving off out of town on the spur of the moment and stuff!

I think Mark asked about my dh's gravy? Saute mushrooms in butter until nice and brown, but not too mushy! Add the broth in from the turkey (which had been brined, and herbs added under the skin). I think he added in some more of the herbs with the mushrooms sauteeing. THen add in some cream to finish it off. It was the BEST EVAH this year... we even had leftovers after having a grand total of 15 for dinner!

Lisa McMann said...

Hiya, neighbor!

Hope things have settled down for you a little bit. Happy New Year!


Swami said...

I'm glad you had a nice Christmas! So, um, Happy New Year!

That was a very nice first list. Lovely even.

Zombs said...

Hey what's this data entry job from home? Can I getin on some action? *grin*

I hate january. It's depressing.

Happy New Year!

MTW said...

We want a new post!

HNY, Amy. Tell us about your car. :)