Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I think everyone was here by 2:05! It was amazing!
Closest thing to being on time my family has ever been!

We had a good meal together! My DH makes the BEST
mushroom gravy when we have turkey!


"he went to Jared"!


Cygnus said...

I take it that DH going to Jared has nothing to do with visiting Subway.

Funny you mention this topic, because LC and I were talking about how upset my mom can get when we're not on time for dinner. Well, guess who arrived at my cousin's house for dinner BEFORE my 'rents last night? ;-)

Merry Christmas to you, DH, B, J, M, and Ampersand. ;-)

Puffy said...

Jared makes me think of Jared from Kid Nation.

MTW said...

Glad you had a merry Christmas, Amy! What did DH get you? And how does he make his gravy?