Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gesundheit - NOT!!

The lady I work for is a long time friend - well, 8 years I've known her thru our church congregation. When I started last fall, she kind of clued me in on the other employees.

One is a lady who is a Jehovah's Witness. D told me not to ever say "Bless You" when she sneezes. It apparently happened in the past, and she said "You don't have the authority to "bless" me, so please don't do that." Sad part is, this woman has asthma and allergies, and she happens to sneeze quite regularly!

Anyone wonder how hard it is to NOT say "bless you" or Gesundheit when someone sneezes?

Anyone else had someone ask you not to say it?

Is this lady one of a kind?

I like her and all, she's nice and is not rude about it, especially when I say Bless.... and then catch myself.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One Word Survey: As Kimmah said "if you read it, you must answer it--either in comments or on your blog. even if you've already done it, dammit. play along, play along. "

1. Where is your cell phone? counter

2. You're single/taken? taken

3. Your hair? wet

4. Your mother? dead

5. Your father? remarried

6. Your favorite thing? Hippos!

7. Your dream last night? none

8. Your favorite drink? Dr.Pepper

9. Your dream car? Honda

10. The room you're in? office

11. Your ex? none

12. Your fear? skydiving

13. Where were you last night? alone

14. what you're not? thin

15. Muffins? poppyseed

16. One of your wish list items? largerhome

17. The last thing you did? teleconferenced

18.What are you wearing? pajamas

19. Your pet or pets? Milo

20. Your computer? Dell

21. Your life? great

22. Your mood? hassled

23. Missing some one? Hubby

24. Your car? Suburban

25. Your work? Part-time

26.Like someone? children

27. Your favorite color? coral

28. When is the last time you laughed real hard? WildHogs

29. Crush's first name? Michael (see last post)

30. Dream job? ummm.. ?

Eight Randoms

Okay, here goes.

1. I spent a month in Northern Ireland when I was 17. Beautiful place, I'd love to go back.

2. I collect scrapbooking supplies - I may never use them, they are all in my craft/sewing room (otherwise known as crap room) but I have them. She who dies with the most scrapbooking supplies and fabric wins, don't ya know? I don't even have one album completed.

3. I play the flute. Er, I did. Haven't picked it up in awhile. DD will probably start using in as she goes into the 5th grade band this fall. Yup, the same flute my parents bought for me .. um. *coughthirtycough* years ago. Mom had a tune-up done on it for me years ago, new pads and such.

4. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago (?) but have had pain starting 12-13 years ago. I've just had a good several weeks of no pain, but the last week or so had some flare ups, so I have to be more careful when eating, swallowing, sneezing, blowing my nose... those things can cause me some pain.

5. It is warm outside. Not hot yet, but warm. It's only supposed to be 99 degrees today, currently it's about 85. And no, I don't particularly like Arizona, due to the heat, so, I'd much rather live somewhere else. After my mom died, my dad has left, so I don't have that connection here, two brothers and and a sister are here though.

6. My favorite color is coral. Not pink, coral.

7. I kissed a very cute boy on top of the World Trade Center tower. No, not just some random guy, but a guy I really liked. We were in NYC for a choir trip, a choir from the University of Wyoming, oerforming at Lincoln Center. What a blast. Thankfully, cute boy and I realized we were not right for each other and went our separate ways. I would have liked to keep in contact with him, but his wife wouldn't have that.

8. Hooray, it's the last one!! One of the aspects that drew us to buy our home, the many trees, has also proved the bane of our existence. They all drop stuff onto the grass.. if we had grass. I spent an hour outside with the kids this morning cleaning up pine needles, leaves and other blossomy things that fall from our trees!


Monday, June 11, 2007


Would someone please tell me how to get my very own icon? I'm just not handy that way!

I'd love one of my Sandra Boynton hippos for an icon!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Where have I Been??

Here's what I've been up to!

No, he's not mine, although I wish he was! This is my sweet little nephew Zander. I was in the delivery room with my sister! It was a first for me to be in a delivery room for someone else! Amazing! He took his sweet time. Sis went in late Tuesday evening, and he was finally born Friday morning at 2:35 am. (before Memorial Day) It was a pretty neat experience!

Otherwise, I've been working some wierd hours as our shop is getting closed down, but after that I"ll have more time to check out blogs & stuff.

And here are some cheesy grins! We had a small memorial get-together with my family for my Grandma - my uncles came to town and we all went out to dinner.
From left to right, Mallory, my neice Aspen, Jessica, and Me!