Monday, June 11, 2007


Would someone please tell me how to get my very own icon? I'm just not handy that way!

I'd love one of my Sandra Boynton hippos for an icon!



MM said...

*waits for helpful, smart peeps to come along*

~Nutz said...

You have to be logged in to Blogger:

Click on "view my profile" (on the right side of your blog).

On that page click "edit my profile"

About halfway down the page is a place to insert a photo URL.

Find a picture you like and copy & paste the URL in that space.

TADA! Easy as pie!

Mmmmmmmmmm... PIE!

~Nutz said...

This one seems perfect for you! :D

Hippos go Berserk

Mom2BJM said...

Nutzy is the bomb!