Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another first...

Well, I would have to say, a couple of firsts...
This picture cracks me up... it is most likely during my 5th grade year - or the summer before. My sister, Laura, in the high chair, was born just after I turned 10, so it can't be much after that. My brother Matthew is behind me, and our Indian Placement girl, Maurita, is with us. She came from the Navajo Reservation to live with us during the school year - for a better education. I think she came for 2 years, and then we had another girl, Sarah.
Anyway... This was my first instrument.. so to speak. My parents bought the flute - I'm not sure how they paid for it - money was pretty tight all those growing up up years - but they did it. I still have it! I played the flute thru Jr High school, and I think only my Soph year in HS. Some friends convinced me to try out for concert choir in 9th grade - and I made it - and I haven't stopped singing. I learned to love harmonizing - now I'm trying to teach my girls how to do it!
Music took me lots of places - in 9th grade we travelled from Vernal to Durango Colorado - an awesome trip! With my new obsession with facebook - I have seen the names of some of the gals on that trip with me - I will never forget that trip! In High school, we had a band trip to Disneyland, in addition to festivals around the state of Wyoming. My biggest trip was when I was selected for All-Northwest choir (ID, MT, WY, OR, WA, AK, and UT maybe) and travelled to Portland Oregon. In college I was also able to be part of the Wyoming State Choir that travelled to NYC and performed in Lincoln Center.
All in all - I'm a firm believer in the arts in schools - it is sad that many programs are being cut due to budget shortfalls.
Anyway... on to the 2nd first that is documented in this photo...
My first Fashion FAUX PAS!! LOL!!
Yes, I am wearing orange plaid polyester shorts, and a nautical print shirt - both made by my mom. I'm sure that I didn't go out of the house in that getup, at least I don't think that I did...
My mom made quite alot of our clothes back then.. many of them the stretch polyester that was prevalent in the 70's. One year we had individual pictures, and we mostly match in our polyester shirts - same material, which had been purchased on sale, for sure.
Anyway, that's a brief look into my life as a 10 year old in the 70's - at least I was smiling, and it goes to show how STRAIGHT my hair was back then, not curly like it is today!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

How does the saying go?

Whatever you were doing at midnight on New Years Eve, you'll be doing all year long?

Well, I did kiss my husband then,
but we were in the midst of a rousing game of Phase 10!
This was the continuation of a game we started with the kids on Sunday!
Mark insisted we finish it - and we didn't get to bed until after TWO!
Mallory was even a trooper and stayed up!
Needless to say, my internal time clock won't let me sleep later than about 7:30!
So, I've been scanning in photos from college all morning!
However, I commit to playing more games with my family this year!

And, just for posterity's sake,
and to embarrass my teenager,
here are some pics of us last night!
Mallory had a wreck on her bike earlier in the day,
so she has quite the fat lip! Poor kid!