Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two down, one to go...

Mom's birthday, and today is mine, one more birthday girl for this month.

Mark and the girls put together Lemon Bread pullaparts last night, we baked them this morning. It was kind of funny, though frustrating... the house was filled with smoke, as the angel food cake pans used to bake the bread tend to leak sugary juices in the oven. Three pans made, one bundt and two angel food (removable insert) pans, one for my work, one for Mark's work, and one for home... and then I didn't get the oven cleaner turned on this afternoon. Will have to plan to do it when we'll be away, because it basically burns it all away.... yep, stinky...

I took it in to work, though my coworkers didn't seem too excited. It was really yummy to me however, so it doesn't really matter!! Thanks family!

Mark & the kids also got me a sport cover for my new HD Zune - so I can clip it my belt, or it has an armband as well. It will make it easier for me to take on walks or rides, so that I don't have to just put it in my pocket. Yeay! At least it is getting warmer, so I can ride more... just have to get the motivation going again.

I love all the Facebook birthday wishes! I really enjoy being in touch with so many people from all stages of my life! Probably my oldest friend (longest, not age oldest) is my 2nd grade teacher Kris! I've mentioned her here before. We moved to Vernal Utah from Magna, where I knew her. Then I've had wishes from friends in Vernal, then Evanston - high school friends, then Laramie college friends. Mission friends from England = got called a bonnie lass by Steve Cain from Jarrow . Lol ! Of course friends from Arizona, Oregon, and also several of my online friends from RTVW *waves* most of whom I've never met or spoken to! They are mostly the reason I have a blog!

I feel very blessed today - thankful for my life - it's not the best ever, but I'm trying to make the most of what I have.

I asked Mallory yesterday - "Do you know how much I love you?" She said... "more than anyone else..." which is so true. I'm glad she knew that. Sometimes, oftentimes, my kids are grumpy and don't get along, don't always speak politely... but I'm glad above all, that she knew that.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Remembering Mom

Sunday the 7th was my mother's birthday.... she would have been 67 years old. Of course, it is nearly 4 years since she passed away.

On Monday night, we got all the family in town together at Nathan's house to celebrate her birthday. I made a Pineapple Cheesecake that she used to make - I rarely make it because my family doesn't care for it, but I always liked it. I do know that it is a recipe that her mom used to make as well. I couldn't find the original recipe in my recipe books or box, but I found a similar one online that worked out pretty well.

Pineapple No Bake cheese cake

1 lg. lemon Jello
1 c. boiling water
8 ounce. cream cheese
1 lg. can crushed pineapple, liquid removed
1 can Pet lowfat milk, chilled (I added Whipped Topping instead)
Graham cracker crust
1/2 c. sugar
Mix Jello and boiling water till dissolved. Chill. Then beat.
Beat cream cheese and sugar till creamy. Add in beaten Jello to cream cheese. Beat Pet lowfat milk to thick, mix in cream cheese. Add in liquid removed pineapple. Put graham cracker crust in 9"x13" pan. Pour mix in chill.

It really needs probably overnight to set up well enough - I didn't give it quite long enough so it was a bit soupy.

I asked my children to write any memories that they had of her, to share that night.

Mallory's is as follows.. (with her spelling)

Grandma Nancy

What I loved about Grandma was she would always read to me Pickles to Pitsburgh. I also loved when she gave us orange creamcicles. I remember sitting on the swing when we got out of the pool. And I remember sometimes going to there house and getting babysat. I do love being with her because she was always kind and loving to everyone. I loved her very much. She was pretty fun to be with. I remember going into a room holding her hand while she was gone. (when she passed away) . Those are things I remeber.

Pretty good spelling for a nearly nine year old. Mallory is a great reader - she tries to hurry a little too fast sometimes.

Jessica wrote a poem - lets see if I can find it.

Well.. havent' managed to get it from her, but wanted to get this posted anyway....