Sunday, January 27, 2008

Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to

No matter how you say it, they are yummy. But tonight, I'm talking about fried potatoes.

It's cold and rainy, and I needed something to warm up with!

Several years ago, we went camping with two other families from church. One family lives 2 houses down and we'd probably call them our best friends - after 9 years of living so close. On the camping trip, we decided we'd do common meals so we worked out a menu. We suggested fried potatoes along with something else.

"Huh? Fried potatoes, what's that?" was Allen's comment... "ACK" was our combined response!

Chop up an onion or more, peel (or not) and slice some potatoes.. Heat up a few tablespoons of vegetable oil and fry them up until a little crispy! My dad used to say the ratio of onions to potatoes s/b 1:1, but that's a bit much! Of course, when we had them camping, fried up in a cast iron pan, they were even better! We just couldn't believe they'd never had fried potatoes!

So, do you like fried potatoes? Onions or no? Or have you never had them?
We now like to put shredded cheese on top, though we really should cut them there calories!

And I'll try not to make my next post about food...


Fat & Sassy said...

We eat fried potatos all the time! Sometimes we fry the onion and potato with come corn or just onion and potato! Good stuff! Throw in some ham, too! ooummmmmmmm good!

MM said...

Potatoes are one of my biggest weaknesses. Anything and everything potato is fine with me. I haven't had fried potatoes in forever, but my mom used to make them and throw in sliced sausage (a big link of some sort). Now I make homemade french fries that are baked and not so bad for you...hmm, now I'm craving them big time! :)

Swami said...

That is Tom's favorite way to eat potatoes! He likes them with one big onion and however many potatoes it takes to fill up the fry pan. They are great with just a little salt, but I like them better with seasoned pepper, paprika and cumin added in.

MTW said...

Mmmm, I love fried potatoes.

*sits right next to mm*
*waits for homemade fries*

Cutsy said...

I love fried potatos! The way you make them sounds perfect! Since I love onions I'd probably agree with your dad about the ratio but I'm outvoted my my dh and kiddos. I'm hungry!

Silvergirl said...

Everything seems to taste better when you are camping, doesn't it. :D One of the best meals we had out camping included fried potatoes with onions cooked in olive oil on the camp stove with steak and pineapple on the grill. I think we also heated up a can of green beans. DH loved that meal. It was better than all of the restaurant meals on that trip, believe it or not.

Puffy said...

I slice the potatoes into circles and fry them up! Just a little seasoning and potato, that's it.