Monday, October 23, 2006


It's not necessarily my "favorite" holiday, but it has some special memories!

First of all, my parents were married on Halloween- 1964! Dad used to always say that Mom got the Trick and he got the Treat! (Oh, why do I sit here and make myself cry??) This year my parents would have celebrated 42 years of marriage. However, my mom passed away in February - 6 days after she turned 63. I don't know how Dad is going to handle the 31st.. I wish I could be with him to support him! Thankfully he is with my brother and his family- I hope they help make the day bearable for him. (I miss her so much, too!)

I'm trying to upload one of my favorite Halloween photos.. I believe I was 4 or 5.. there is not a date on the photo. My mom made a Dutch girl costume for me.. Her mom was born in Holland, so there is a connection there. It's a cute photo, if I say so myself! But I also dig the bookshelves made of bricks and 2x4's(or something)- and the speaker that is on the shelf, is in my GARAGE!! (that's a whole 'nother story..)

(well, I'll need more help in the photo posting dept.. ) eta - I did it!!


mm said...

OMH. That is too cute, mom. I'm glad to see you're learning about Blogger. Sometimes it's hard to use (won't cooperate) but you're doing so good already!

Mom2BJM said...

Yes! I was happy to get it to work so easily! (it took a few tries on the photo, but finally clicked!

Puffy said...

You're a blogging pro already! How cute! You look adorable in the photo. It looks like my old living room: same bookshelf, same speaker, same encyclopedia set.
*hugs on your parents' anniversary*

Mom2BJM said...

Puffy- I wonder how many others had that same bookshelf in 1972! There was no IKEA around then..

My plan is to stay busy on the 31st, I may be starting my new PT job... then Trunk or Treating at the church that night.

I must get busy on the 2 poodle skirts for the girls!

*goes to find the patterns*

Seana said...

What a cute pic!

I hope your Dad can cope well enough.

Nice to see you in blogland!

~Nutz said...

Oh how cute you are! ...and Yay! that you figured out the picture thing already!

By the way... I "announced" you on my blog. Some peeps may be visiting to say "hello". *grin*

Silvergirl said...

You are so cute, Amy. I love the outfit.

*hugs* on missing your mother. She sounds like she was a wonderful mom.