Sunday, November 05, 2006

I have a new Job.. or Two.. or Three...

I started a new part time job this last week!. I have pretty much always worked full time. When we were married, DH was going to school, and had a part time job at a grocery store. I had been working at a bank for a couple of years, so I continued working.
When B was born, I went back to work after 6 weeks, still for the bank, as I was earning more at the time than he was. DH was still going to school and working, so it was logical that I continue working. I have worked for 4 different banks, one new one was a result of a merger – but I have enjoyed it. J was born, then M, and I continued to work. I had often dreamed of being home with our children, but didn’t see how it could work financially due to choices we had made. I enjoyed making money, and being able to spend what I wanted. (not that I was extravagant, because I wasn’t.)

In February, I began working part time – (25 hours) and I left after the kids went to school, dropped M off at daycare, and was home shortly before B& J got home from school. Since DH’s salary was increasing, it looked like I could be the stay at home mom.
We also decided to have faith that it would work. Effective July 1, I was no longer employed. It was nice to be at home, and we took a vacation in July for 10 days – the longest we’ve ever done. At the time, my facial neuralgia was acting up, so it was nice to NOT have to go to work. ( I have Trigeminal Neuralgia- which is a post for another day.)

But now that we have tried living on just DH’s salary, it’s been a little tight. I have a friend who works for yet another bank here in town, who has had a part time, on-call position available in the lock-box unit that she manages. Since M is in full day Kindergarten, it only made sense that I apply for the job.

SO.. a few hours a week, I can make a little money to buy stuff like.. oh, food, and gas!

I also have been making and selling fresh bread! I think it is a lost art, (not that I have it mastered)and my neighbors are buying it! I make white, and part wheat, and the latter is receiving more raves! I made 12 loaves of bread yesterday, and sold 9 of them. I also talked it up to some others, and they want me to call them when I bake again! Yeay!!

For my 3rd job, it’s not really a job, but sorta. Our neighbors 2 doors down we are pretty close with, and Beth has asked me to hem some jeans for her daughters in the past. She has offered to pay in the past, but I’ve not let her. She recently brought a pair of pants and a dress, and paid me for them. Now I have two more pairs of pants to hem, and her neighbor has brought a comforter that needs to be fixed.

So.. I’m happy that I can contribute to our income, doing things that I enjoy doing, and feel close to my mom, because they are things that she taught me to do!


Puffy said...

Things are looking up. You're quite the entrepeneur!

Geggy said...

Well, aren't you the entrepeneur?

I've gotta say, I think you're on to something with the bread and the seamstress/tailoring thing. I love, love, love homemade wheat bread (so you can send me some, mkay?). And I had to have a bunch of clothes altered due to my massive weight loss and you wouldn't believe how hard it was to find someone to do it. Let alone someone to do it for a reasonable price. I think they are both lost arts.

Good for you!

volsfan said...

I lvoe home made bread too.

I also know what it is like to have a part-time job. It helps me make the bills!

*waves to mom*

~Nutz said...

One day, maybe you'll have your own business baking bread!