Thursday, November 23, 2006

And to you as well!

Happy Turkey Day to all my bloggy friends! I got my cookie recipients this morning, so I'll have to get baking soon! Looking forward to what "I" will get from the cookie exchange! I'm thinking about sending my recipes along with the cookies! I will be making Cherry Walnut bars, and also Mexican Wedding cookies! I figured those will travel the best, especially since they'll be going to the other side of the US! (Yes, Puffy, that means I don't have you!)

DH is gone delivering rolls to MY family's dinner, (we are eating at HIS family's ) - also picking up his Mom, and possibly a Pie as her contribution. We'll be bringing several dozen homemade rolls, and a turkey. Now I have to go slice mushrooms so he can make gravy when he gets back!


Puffy said...

But perhaps I have *you*, Mom2! Sending along the recipe is a great idea. I bet your dinner rolls taste yummy!

kim (weltek) said...

*waits for rolls*