Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Queen of Avoidance

Yes, Call me the Queen of Avoidance.
If there is something I don't really want to do..I will do my best not to do it.
I don't really like to make calls where I have to pressure people or ask difficult questions.. (does that make sense?)

My big avoidance this week.. My dad is engaged, and his fiance was in town for a week. (a whole nother story there..)
He and she wanted to take me, sis, and SIL to a late lunch on Monday. I didn't really want to go, but didn't know how to tell Dad that.
I left work early to MEET them at Olive Garden at 1:30. I got there, and NOONE was there. I was cheesed because I could have still been earning money. I called him, they were still picking up Sis, who is ALWAYS running behind. I called SIL, who didn't want to go either.. We both needed to be back home by 3 for our kids getting out of school, and there just wasn't time to get into a restaurant, order, eat, and get out in time.

So.. I called my Dad back, told him I was upset, he apologized, and I told him there wasn't time and we couldn't do it.

So I avoided having to have an uncomfortable meal with his fiance, whom I don't know. (she did come to our house with him for dinner last week, but I don't really know her, or know what to SAY to her. It was awkward having her around, with Thanksgiving being the first major holiday without my mom.)

What sort of things do YOU avoid??


Cygnus said...

I avoid cleaning the office where I type this.

(I'm here. You happy now?)

mm said...

Yikes, that sounds uncomfortable! Maybe after you are forced (more Holidays) to be around her, everything will fall into place.


Mom2BJM said...

Cyg? Yes!!

Thanks MM! Yes, it is just kinda hard - not sure what to say. I don't feel like I can be all friendly with her just yet..

MTW said...

Mom, I avoid phone calls too, especially if I have to ask for something.

I also avoid opening my mail and balancing my checkbook. Too depressing! :)

Puffy said...

I avoid any possible conflict. I bury my head in the sand and pretend it's not there. I'll worry about it tomorrow. Just call me Scarlett O'Hara.

kim (weltek) said...

I also avoid making phone calls. I wait to RSVP to things til the last minute. I suck.

Sounds like the lunch was a fiasco from the get-go. Remember, Dad doesn't need to be stressed more than he already is. Your anger at your SIL & the future step-mom probably was warranted, but telling your dad you were angry probably didn't accomplish anything other than making him feel bad. I know when I get angry, 75% of the time it's not worth stressing the people involved. The other 25% of the time, I just need to be careful about who and how to direct my anger toward.

Kim<----realizes she just gave totally unsolicited advice.