Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Just a Quickie!

My Bloggy cookies are on their way to a coupla bloggers on the other side of the country! Priority Mail, so I hope they're still pretty fresh when they get there!

In other news... I lied to the clerk at the post office when she asked if there were anything perishable in the boxes I was sending! I wonder if fruitcake would qualify as perishable??

I'm working again today - only until 1, then I'll be baking bread! My bread customers are wondering where I am!


kim (weltek) said...

I've been also debating on the perishable thing. Will they make me fill out forms and rip apart the package if I say yes? Or do they just stamp "perishable" on it? *pulls out hair* I can't take the stress.

Mom2BJM said...

I just said no. THe cookies will last awhile as they are. I'm thinking perishable is something that would need to be refrigerated, no??

kim (weltek) said...

I just read what I could find on It just says if you are shipping fruit or other perishable items, you may want to insure them....but if they spoil, they aren't reimbursable. *boggle*

I might try saying "yes."

Mom2BJM said...

Good for you, Kim... I hadn't thought about doing that!

Let me just say that YOU might be thankful if they arrive on time!

~Nutz said...

Hee! I sent my stuff using the automated weighing thing in the PO lobby. I wrote perishable on the box because one of the cookie packing/shipping websites Boo sent me to said I should do that so they will expedite delivery.

Breezy got hers already and I sent them Monday afternoon.

Puffy said...

I told the truth and said they were perishable. Lucky for me that I told the truth because my return address said "Puffy's Bakery Headquarters" and the P.O. clerk saw it. I didn't have to do anything special because they were perishable.

Swami said...

Good to know all this stuff since I am mailing mine today and I thought I was going to have to lie. Now I can look like I know what I'm doing.

I UPSed my cookies last year and that cost a few bucks more than the USPS Priority box does.

kim (weltek) said...

LOL-Yep, I'm glad they came quickly, mom! Thank you!!!

So the lady at my post office crossed perishable off the box when I told her what was inside. She said it's usually only used when it's something packed in dry ice or can spoil within a few days. Sigh. It's so darn confusing.

HistoryDetective said...

Dear Mom2BJM

Please forgive me for not writing sooner, but several crises last week completely distracted me. Your cookie care package arrived on Thursday. It was just the sort of thing I needed to lift my spirits.

I immediately tried one of each kind of cookie. They were so good that I decided I couldn't keep them to myself. I hosted a cocktail party on Saturday evening, so I decided to share them with my guests.

I arranged them on an ornamental dish that my grandmother always used at the holidays to set out homemade fudge. I enjoyed combining my family's old tradition (the dish) with blogland's new tradition (your cookies).

Thank you so much. You really lifted my spirits.