Monday, December 18, 2006

Hey! More cookies!

Hey! Someone sent me more cookies! I didn't think I was supposed to get TWO sets! Thank you Blogger-whose-identity-I-don't-know!

They came from a UPS store in VA... anyone want to fess up? Because I'm not sure who sent me the yummy chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, and I think almond bark?


Anonymous said...

Twas me. Glad they arrived.

Chocolate Chip are my very favorite cookies in the world. The others are Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies. I tried to make some Christmas ghosts, but it didn't quite work out so well.

And the bark is Oreo Cookie Chocolate Bark.

I am working on the recipe cards, I've just been overwhelmed.


Mom2BJM said...

I thought that might have been Oreos, but wasn't sure! It definitely is yummy!

We are sugar cookie lovers here too! I must say, they were a bit broken, but they are still good! Thanks for the cute basket as well!

kim (weltek) said...

More cookies is ALWAYS a good thing.

Mom2BJM said...

Well of course more cookies are good! DD didn't want to share Boo's cookies with other children when watching a movie at Gramma's today... just when I was about to ask her WWJD (hee hee) I had to hang up!

~Nutz said...

*giggle* You're so cute!

You send to two, you get from two others. That was what we signed up for!

Mom2BJM said...

Well, Nutz... that just didn't dawn on me right away... my brain is just overtaxed trying to get everything done for CHristmas!!

*goes back to working...*

Cygnus said...

Someone brought store-bought M&M cookies to work today.

Only now have I come down from the sugar rush.

Mom2BJM said...

Cyg - STORE-bought M&M cookies?
Ah, the horrors! Homemade are the bestest!

10:30 pm.. just back from Christmas shopping... why oh why do we wait so long?

Puffy said...

Gasp! Boo's cookies were broken? *grin*

Merry Christmas!

Seana said...

Merry Christmas, mom2 and dad2!


Swami said...

Merry Christmas, Mom2!

(I'm following Seana around.)

Mom2BJM said...

Merry Christmas to you all too!

Psst, Seana, shhhh...Dad2 doesn't know I have a blog!

Cygnus said...

Hey, Mom2, I takes them wherever I can gets them!

(A cow-orker made some ummy chocolate chip cookies himself. *examines ever-increasing waistline*)

And don't worry, I won't expose your blog to your hubby.