Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hmm.. don't think so..

From MSN Lifestyle: Women
20Things to get before you're 40.

1) A DEAD-SERIOUS PIECE OF TIMELESS CLOTHING MC recommends: The YSL tux for women. yes, at $3560, it costs the equivalent of 350 pairs of leggings, but it will outlive them by several decades.
2) A LOOK You’re not Madonna; enough already with the bimonthly reinventions. Are you a Dietrich throwback? A reconstructed punk? Figure it out and shop accordingly.
3) A PIECE OF ART Yes, the birch trees in that framed Ansel Adams poster are v. v. haunting, but consider an investment piece with which to start an actual art collection. Living artists cost less; how about a Cecily Brown print or a limited-edition Tom Sachs multiple?
4) A FIRST EDITION . . . of To The Lighthouse, the ur-Woolf.
5) FANCY LUGGAGE (A MATCHED SET, PLEASE) No more schlepping through airports with midcentury Samsonite. MC recommends: Gucci’s new Guccissima line, which makes the goofball trolley look like a major style statement ($3350).
6) ENLIGHTENED Go see the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India. For his schedule, visit
7) A FINANCIAL ADVISOR No, the hedge-fund dude one stool over doesn’t count.8) A MUSEUM MEMBERSHIP Whether it’s the Met, the Getty, or the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia, it’s time to earn some culture cred. take your place on the gala circuit—perfect for that YSL tux.
9) A MAMMOGRAM ’Nuff said.
10) A GOOD CAUSE Stop considering yourself your own favorite charity. Amnesty International? Oxfam? Amfar? Then get your new financial advisor to determine what chunk of every paycheck you can commit.
11) A REAL WATCH No, you can’t wear rubber on your wrist with the YSL tux. MC recommends: the Cartier roadster ($3,950). Mechanical movement with automatic winding that works off the heat from your skin. Kinky. . .
12) A BIG-*** TV MC recommends: Philips 50-inch ambilight, $3999. Hello, size queen.
13) A SMARTY-PANTS SUBSCRIPTION Foreign Affairs, The American Scholar, The Economist. To be read, not fanned out on the coffee table.
14) A SERIOUS RIDE Adieu, Budget! MC recommends: the Cadillac XLR roadster, $78,495. Not your daddy’s Caddy, trust us.
15) AWAY Forget the brocade cushiness of the European capitals. Whether it’s overnighting in a ger in Mongolia or experiencing Vietnam before Mcdonald’s takes over, enjoy a soul-expanding, life-changing Third World vacation.
16) SOME CLASSIC CDs Verve just released the to go series featuring discs of Coltrane, Ella, Billie, and seven others. Buy all 10: Jazz makes you look cool and gets you laid; even better, you’ll be listening to these long after you’ve stopped caring about both.
17) SOME CLASSIC DVDs Try MGM’s Billy Wilder Collection: everything from The Apartment to Some Like It Hot. In terms of classy wit, makes The Devil Wears Prada look like Loony tunes.
18) A DECENT CUP OF COFFEE Wake up and smell it. MC recommends: the Illy X1 Francis Francis! Espresso Machine ($800)19) A DESTINATION HAIRCUTWhether it’s Leonor Greyl in Paris, or Chris McMillan in L.A., spend serious bank, at least once, on something crazy-chic.
20) OTHER THINGS TO GET? Busy, ready, pregnant, on with it. (Did we mention a YSL tux?)

Hmm.. Let's see I have 3 months before that blessed event.. (yes, I WILL be having a party- although not as extravagant as Carey's, and with WAY less liquor! (er milk) )
#9- haven't had one, will call the Dr's office.. soon.. yeah.. soon..
#14- we just bought a 2007 Suburban, is that considered serious?
#18-don't drink it.
#20-been there, done that.. a few times.

How bout you?


Lasann said...

Oh please, if I had $78 thou for a Cadillac I'd be out driving it instead of working. I don't want a tux; I will be Madonna if I want; My Dbf is an artist and we have too many pieces of art; whatever; my luggage matches; India - not until I visit NewEngland; No money to advise about; many mannograms taken and evaluated; my kids are the only good cause I can afford; my plastic watch has a count down feature and stop watch; Big TV - check; Conde Nast Traveler counts doesn't it?; don't drink coffee either.

These magazines need to focus on the Middle Class (well maybe the Upper Lower Class)!

Geggy said...

Well, I must be a huge loser.

Cuz I'm edging up on 50 and there's no way on earth I would want, let alone afford almost everything on that list.

Hmmm, I've had numerous mammograms. I subscribed to Foreign Affairs in my 20s, but it got too pricey. I stick with Time and Vanity Fair now.

I could hit the lottery for a zillion dollars and still wouldn't buy a Cadillac of any model. I have no desire to go to India. Tuxes would make me look more butch than I already do. I'm too old to give a crap about Madonna even when she was hot. My apartment is too small for a large screen. I give to local charities and give time to Habitat. I wear a Timex. I lost all my money on the XDBF and expensive coffee is the stupidest thing on earth. Someone gave me a gift card for Starbucks and I won't even buy that overpriced carp when I can get it for free. Instead, I picked up some biscotti.

So, just call me loser.

Mom2BJM said...

*sits on the loser bench with Lasann and Geg.*

I bought my watch about 7 years ago at Tarjay... and it's been pretty good.. except now it's been losing time.. good thing I don't rely on it to get me anywhere!

I'd rather be a loser and have my family than all that other junk!

mm said...

My goodness! Who thinks up a list like that, and for WHO? I don't know anyone who would do that stuff. Heh, I think my Cosmo has better advice in it than that. Great for a laugh, though!

*smooches mom*

Puffy said...

Looks like I'm never gonna turn 40.

Mom2BJM said...

Puffy, if that were the case.. I would be more than happy to remain at 39 forever!

Silvergirl said...

Life begins at 40!