Friday, July 04, 2008

A 24 Hour Vacation!

Tuesday afternoon, my neighbor and I took our total of 6 kids and left town! We finally left the other side of Phoenix about 5, and headed north to cooler country. Trying to make 6 kids happy with dinner would have been impossible, so we made an executive decision and stopped in Cottonwood at Casa Bonita Family restaurant. We got everyone fed and then drove the short distance to the resort. The kids had fun in the pool and then the jacuzzi tubs, we played some games and got everyone to bed.

We kind of lazed around in the morning.. had some breakfast then headed out! Our destination was I haven't been there in probably 17 years, when I went with my brother and 3 other guys! (Woo! What a trip!) I don't know if the state park was established back then.. I just remember hiking down to the creek from the road! We got there by 10 am, and the kids promptly went for the slide!

Brennan was the first to get in - they were too cute with their goggles!
Mallory was a little more hesitant! Overall, she didn't like the slipperiness of it all, and she didn't get in the water too much after her slide!

Jessica just went for it!

And as cold as it was, even I took a trip!
Here we are with the famous red rocks of Sedona as our background!

We went back to the resort, and everyone got cleaned up, we had some lunch, and were headed out of town by 3 pm! Made it back home about 5:15pm - so it was a quick turnaround, but it was really nice to get out of the hot valley, and up where the air was a little bit cooler! We love our neighbors!

Oh, and we made it to the Weight Watchers meeting, and I lost another 5 pounds ! Yeay me!!


~aileen & jaron said...

What an awesomely fun time. I have actually never been to slide rock, but will some day. Way to make it a fun time. I am super glad for you all. It looks like you had a blast. and way to go with the 5 lbs. that is awesome!!!

Kaja said...

that looks like a fun mini vacation. i need to find something to do around here - it's western oklahoma, nothing but fields and fields of...well, nothing. hm. anyway, awesome on losing 5 more pounds - you're doing great!

Cygnus said...

That looks like fun! I so need to get outside, but it's difficult when the Prime Directive has been to get our house ready for the market.

Congrats on the weight loss!

Kristy said...

Looks like you guys had fun! You're right - you do have awesome neighbors! And you even got a great shot of yourself going down - that's pretty impressive.
Congrats on the weight! Keep it up!

Patterson's said...

I haven't been to slide rock since I was 8! Looks like you all had fun!

Puffy said...

First of all, you look great! And in a swimsuit no less! I was at sliderock several years ago. What a fun place! The original
and nature's own water slide!

You had a smart idea to go with your friend and take the kids for an overnight trip.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Puffy? You have been ALL around the world! Of course you notice you can't see much of me with the swimsuit on.. I intended it that way!


And all you who haven't been there for years and years - get out of the heat and get there!

Tummy said...

I love natural places like that. Looks like you had a blast!

and woohoo on the 5 lbs!

Fat & Sassy said...

You are doing great with the Weight Watcher thing and I too love slide rock...need to go again and yes absolutely need to get out of this heat...looks like you ALL had a wonderful time...LUUUUUCCKKYYY!!!

MTW said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Bravie said...

Holy Wow!!!! I went there as a kid. I would have not thought about that again unless I read your blog today. Thanks for causing me to remember a great time in my life.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

First Puffy, and then Bravie - you two Californians invading AZ... It really is a fun place!