Thursday, September 18, 2008

Note to self... Watch your step...

Friday night we had dinner as a family at Nello's in Ahwatukee ( for you non-locals.. try that on for size...). Afterwards, Mark took the girls home, and Bren and I headed off for the Desert Mountain vs Mesa High game. My cute neighbor's handsome son is Qback for Mesa so we went to support him!

After getting stuck in some stoopid loop... for 15 minutes.. we finally got to the game around halftime - crowded parking lot, but found a space. We went and found Sassy, and some other friends and watched the 2nd half.

Going up the steps, I nearly tripped, but managed to get up with no problem.
We thought we'd leave with two minutes left to beat the traffic (the Jackrabbits were getting creamed..)

Bren went down first and wanted to go say hi to his friends in the band. I started down, with my waterbottle in hand.

Let's just say the next minute was a blur... I went down a few steps, and somehow missed one, and down I went... like slow motion, I couldn't grab the railing because my waterbottle was in my hand. I somehow twisted my whole body around and landed flat on my back at the bottom of the stairs! Bren came back to ask if I was okay.. I was, thankfully, with no twisted ankle.
My ego may have been bruised a little..
Next day I ended up with a HUGE bruise on my hip, almost my thigh.. gosh it was beautiful! It is a lovely shade of purple now, about 4 inches across, by 2 inches high!
I will spare you a photo...

The silver lining to this purple cloud is... I think if I'd fallen 3 months ago and 25 pounds heavier, I wouldn't have survived it so well..
I'm grateful that I've been able to get some weight off and feel alot better!


Cygnus said...

Yipe! I too am glad you came out (mostly) OK.

We may have cute neighbors, but I make it a point not to notice, right, LC?

Kristy said...

I'm glad that you didn't seriously injure yourself...that could have been bad! But it's also funny that you can tell us your bruises' measurements. And, I'll have you know that I think that you're looking great!

Kaja said...

gosh! that sounds like it hurt. i hope you're doing alright!

Sassy said...

I am so glad you are okay as well...and I am glad you have noticed your cute neighbor and you keep a good eye on me...I so appreciate it...YOU HAD US SCARED FO SHO anything for attention huh? JK and you're probably right about the 25....OUCH!

Heather said...

Ouch!! Don't you love those huge bruises that just seem to look worse as they heal? Glad that you didn't get too hurt!