Friday, October 17, 2008

Another First...

Kind of in the same as the first.. well it was in the same town , anyway.

Webster Elementary, Magna, Utah

This was my first school - it was straight down the street from the aforementioned house. My big brother (2yrs older) and I walked each day - passing plenty of bars , the firestation , and the Rexall drug store. The bar doors were open during our walk home, so when we peered in, all we saw was neon beer signs, and darkness, and the occasional bearded man sitting on a stool.

When I started Kindergarten with my teacher , Mrs. Hiatt, (if I really tried, I could find a class picture) there were portable buildings in front of the school on the blacktop (to the left of the picture. ) Mrs Hiatt was fairly old, with grey hair and glasses.

First grade was on the bottom floor, with Miss James, who was tall and young, with brown hair and a lovely smile.

2nd grade was on the 2nd floor, in the corner room on the right. She had an aide that taught us Spanish sometimes. (My kids learn some Spanish now, but just going to school, they have friends whose parents don't speak any English at all.) We had opportunity to earn "Webster money" or something like that. Miss Dobson would keep track of it, and occasionally we'd get to up to the 3rd floor to spend it. The 6th (and maybe 5th) graders built Websterville up there - complete with a store, a beauty shop, a post office, and other fun places. Our incentive in class was to do well to earn money to go spend it in Websterville. The money was actually washers with their currency printed on it - believe they were "cm's".

When we moved in the middle of 2nd grade to the other side of the state, I was sad to leave my teacher. She and I started corresponding - and I am happy to say I am still in touch with her now. My kids have met "Miss Kris" and she frequently sends them little gifts for the holidays, maybe m&m's or advent calendars for Christmas. She lives near my in-laws in Cache Valley, whom we visit yearly, so we try to put in a visit to her as well. She even has some of my schoolwork saved, and some letters I wrote her way back when.

Honestly, I enjoyed school.. I think Miss Kris had something to do with it also!

Tell me if YOU had a favorite teacher or remember your first school!

I've been away because our computer is being eaten by viruses... time to get a new one!!


Laura said...

Del Cerro Elementary in Mission Viejo. Loved my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Neighbors (great name!). Loved Mrs. Marks in first grade too. Second grade and Ms. Austin . . . UGH! We also moved in second grade, to Leucadia and Capri Elementary. Favorite teachers? Ms. Bounds and Mrs. Campbell, my two sixth grade teachers. Fun memories!
(Sorry to hear about your computer. That stinks!)

Puffy said...

My favorite teacher was Mr. Leatherman, 6th grade.

Sassy said...

I always ♥ going back and remembering the old times too...I walked to school as well when I was little in Kindergarten also passing bars and crossing the Little Colorado River and the rail road tracks...I wouldn't never let my 4 and 5 year old do that today or even back then...seriously how un safe was that?????

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Sassy, it really is amazing what we did as kids that we would never let our kids do now! And you, even crossing a river!

But then, I didn't think that there was as many crazy people in the world, or at least we didn't hear about them as much!

bryce said...

I went to school there too! It was a great place! We even had some of the same teachers it sounds like.