Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An afternoon with Bobbi...

This is my cute and multi talented-scrapbook queen-dance teaching friend Bobbi!
I've known her for about 11 years! A few of my loaves of bread
have entered her home, so she asked if I'd show her how to make it!

Don't you love her cute apron?
She let me wear one too!

She has an ancient Bosch mixer - said she got it for a wedding present 30 or so
years ago... it takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

I love that the Bosch mostly kneads it for the baker all on it's own!
Doesn't take much elbow grease!

What a lovely dough ball! Ready to rise!

She stole the camera from me... Love the apron!
(I also love her scrapbooking station in the background!)

And then she brought me a warm loaf!
Not bad pay for an hour's worth of work!
(although it wasn't much work... glad to visit with you, Bobbi!)


Kim H. said...

Love the aprons too! And that bread looks divine. Can you come to Salt Lake and teach me to bake bread? :)

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

I'll be in town next week, Kim!

Laura said...

Mmmm, fresh homemade bread. I'm drooling just a little bit.

Lori Taylor said...

Looks Yummy! Cute aprons. Have a great trip!

dragonflies said...

mmmmm, lurve fresh warm homemade bread!

Puffy said...

Pictures and YOU look great!