Saturday, May 28, 2016

Stand Strong and Courageous!

In my studies this week in the Book of Mormon, we covered the story of Samuel the Lamanite. 
I was reminded of a song that I first heard 25+ years ago while I was on my mission.  It was sung by a group called Afterglow- a couple of guys who started singing together in high school, They eventually presented firesides and concerts prior to serving missions for the LDS church in Japan and St Louis.  

They had an album of encouraging missionary songs, and since our choice of music was limited as missionaries ( to religious, uplifting or classical music, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and the like) we often listened to the same music over and over. Therefore, almost 30 years later, I can remember the lyrics and sing along.  

Click here to hear the song  AfterGlow Go and Do ..
Here are the lyrics
Go And Do
Words and Music by Laurie Fischer
I will go, go and do what the Lord commands;
putting my trust in Him,
For I know the Lord will bless the work that I do,
and fill my basket to the brim.
Though the task seemed impossible Nephi as a lad
Said yes to the Lord and stood up tall.
He got the plates that Laban had
While his brothers stood without the wall
Be like a Nephi, Moroni and Samuel too.
Give all you've got to the work that you should do.
Hold fast to the iron rod that leads you along,
And the Lord will make you strong.
In the days of Moroni war was on the land
he called all his people out to fight;
for their homes, their God and fam'lies too,
for the brotherhood of truth and right
Samuel the Lamanite stood upon the wall
And preached to the Nephites in the town.
He knew the land must surely fall
if the people didn't turn around.

So, I was thinking about Samuel... pictured above... 

In Helaman 16, we learn about Samuel, a Lamanite who was sent to warn the Nephites of their utter destruction, if they did not repent and change their ways.  Of course, for anyone, it is hard to hear that we are doing something wrong.. .  Well, the Nephites were none too thrilled to hear what he had to say.. There were a few who hearkened to his words and believed and were baptized, but.. those who did NOT believe him wanted to stop his preaching. They began to shoot arrows and throw stones to try to hit him, but because he had the Spirit of the Lord with him, they could not hit him. 

Therefore, when they saw that they could not, there were many more who did believe on his words, insomuch that they went away unto Nephi to be baptized.  (Helaman 16:4)

However there were still many who became angry that they could not hit him with their arrows and stones, and they called upon their captains to capture him, and bind him.  But as they went to do so, Samuel cast himself down from the wall and fled from their lands - and went to his own land to preach and prophesy among his own people. (Helaman 16:7.)

Looking back to the words of the song, encouraging us to be like Samuel, am I expected to stand up on a wall and preach??  No.. not so much. 

Samuel stood firm and courageous in his beliefs.  He was not afraid to share the gospel, and speak the truth.  That is what I believe our Heavenly Father expects me to do.

On Friday at work, there was only two of us in the office for the day, and my coworker is Catholic - ( I work for a school tuition organization that provides scholarships for Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Phoenix.  )  As we discussed a man in Colorado who is a self proclaimed prophet, I was able to share with my coworker my belief in a modern day prophet. I explained that The Family - A Proclamation to The World, that was given in 1995. 

The Proclamation was given, defining our beliefs in families, and regarding gender roles, and the characteristics of what mothers and fathers should be.  I believe that my friend and her Catholic faith have many of the same beliefs and I suggested that I could share a copy of the Proclamation with her. So, that is on my list of things to do - I will commit to getting her a copy of the Proclamation within the next week or two. 

To be like Nephi, Moroni, and Samuel, we must stand strong and courageous, and we will be blessed for our efforts in doing so...

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