Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Beginning, and The End

Alternative post title... SCHOOL'S OUT!

They started on August 13th - more than ready to get back into the swing of things...

And May 22nd, they are done!! I think Brennan has grown a few inches since then..

And now they are going to have to figure out what to do with themselves two and a half months before school starts August 11th!

Brennan was accepted into National Jr Honor Society - He's had mostly A's this year... now he tells me he got a B.. in English. He went to California with the Symphonic Band to play at Disneyland. He also tried out for the District Honor Band, but didn't make it.

Jessica was her class finalist in the Spelling Bee - did a great job! She also performed in two acts in the School Variety show this last month. She plays the flute in the 5th grade band, and will be attending the Taylor Jr High Band camp in July!

Mallory.. has had a great year in 1st Grade! She's had different "friends that are boys" during the year, but I won't name names! I've enjoyed sharing the Art Masterpiece program in her class this years! It's been fun to hear "Hi, Mallory's Mom" from the kids in her class. I also did AM in her class year - so there are plenty of kids who know me!

I don't have the same flexibility at work as I did last year, so the kids will need to figure out how to get along better than they have.. I think there will be some financial incentive to not call Mom every 15 minutes while she is gone!

Happy Summer Everyone!


Lori Taylor said...

Congratulations to Brennen for NJHS. I thought it was a very nice program. Now what do we do now that schools out? I'll be at Girls Camp. Take Care

Cygnus said...

Have then watch TV all summer. Worked for me.


Congrats to them all, BTW!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Well, maybe they will call every 45 minutes then. That's progress, right?

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Yeah, Cyg, if I had one more TV, then they could each have their own, and not bother each other all day!
Lynne, yeah, I'm hoping! Now I have to start carrying my cell phone in my pocket, on vibrate!

Lori - Have fun at Girls Camp= glad it's you, and NOT me!

Fat & Sassy said...

Amy, I've gone private, if you want please email if you want to be invited in.

Kaja said...

yay! school's out for summer! i think my mom hated this time of's when the house was completely destroyed and it took months to recover.

angieinpink said...

Your kids are too cute!

I loved your Mother's Day post Amy! It uplifted me. (:

Good to "see" ya again!


Puffy said...

Do your local parks have any programs for kids of all ages?

Fat & Sassy said...

Amy, I finally did the tag, can't figure out the linking thing either, sorry.