Monday, August 11, 2008

And They're Off!!!!

FINALLY!! They're Back to School!!
If a 7 year old is ready at 6:20 in the morning, do you think she is excited to go back
to school??

If a 6th grader fusses with her hair and changes clothes a couple of times,

do you think SHE is ready to go back to school??

Um yeah.. I think so!

We went to Meet the Teacher last week, and I think the girls will

have a good year. They both have a friend or two in their class, and

some don't have students in their class that I'm GLAD are not in their

class (is that bad for me to say??)

Anyway, I can relax at work today, not waiting for a phone call

saying someone is being mean to me.


Last one... off to 8th grade.. with his stylin' plaid shorts.
They are all the rage.


The Chapmans said...

Reminds me of my school years.. fun memories, but I am glad I am not the one going back! So, were you on the news last week?

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Yes, I was on the news the other week.. Fox 10. It was too funny- Did you see me?

Silvergirl said...

So soon?

My, the kids have grown. My DD is going to community college in a few weeks.

Sassy said...

These new years come around really fast...I wish they would slow down...I always loved summer when the kids were all home and we didn't have crazy schedules...but now summers are even kids looked pretty cute...

dragonflies said...

OMH, I have a 6th & 8th grader too! They start school tomorrow. I am not as pleased though, as this means I have to be more responsible by asking about what they learned, and also taking them to swim practice, which also starts back up.

Yes, I am a lazy mom. LOL