Monday, August 18, 2008

"But Mom, there's no more water in the bottle"...

Which was said after this child was asked if he/she fed and watered the dog.

Not to mention the fact that the child was standing right next to (or in?) the bathroom.

Not to mention the fact that the child was right around the corner from the kitchen.

Well, gosh, where do you think you might get the poor dog some water?
I usually think of this child as smart, but thought that was a pretty silly statement.

(give me a break...)

What crazy thing has YOUR child said lately?


Heather said...

Check out my blog for the most recent. Crazy kids!

Puffy said...

A little boy I work with keeps telling me that I have a boo-boo on my face. Hey kid, it's either a pimple or a mole, get over it! LOL

Kristy said...

I did finally update my blog. You can check out what funny things my kids have been saying to me.

Sassy said...

I have a few...I will think about that and get back with's hard to choose just one...☺

Patterson's said...

Cotter: "Mom Jazz is brown."
Me: "Cotter you are so smart! What color are you?"
Cotter:"Mom, Dinosaurs are green".