Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Saying goodbye to one friend, and hello to another!

I'll give the sad news first!
About a hundred years ago,
well, maybe less than 40 and more than 30,
my mom did an activity at the women's Homemaking
Meeting in our church. She traced pictures for everyone
family from a Peanuts coloring book, and then
they were sent off to be put onto plates!
Here is mine!

For those of you who know me now,

my hair has not always been curly- it was straight as a stick!

Hence the joke!

But yesterday brought the end of an era...It was

dropped on the floor and split! I was sad because I

have had it for so long - actually I guess my mom kept it for so long,

and then gave it back to me several years ago- I still have my dad's plate too!

Who knows how many meals I've had on that plate?

So long, farewell, good friend!

And to my new friend!

Well, not exactly a new friend, but an

old friend/boyfriend from college

(I'm not sure if he considered himself that, but I did!)

My friends convinced me to finally start a facebook page,

and I've been able to reconnect with him -

I think I blogged about him once !

( I'll have to see what I wrote about him before I give him my blog address..)

Anyway, I am SOOOO glad I got on Facebook to connect

with him, he was a major part of my life, and has been absent

from it for 18-19 years! So

Yeay for Facebook!


Laura said...

I loved those plates! I think my mom still has a collection of plates we made in Brownies. I'm sorry that yours split (in many ways :-) ).

TARA said...

I'm sad for your plate! But happy you're on FB now...the excitement eventually wears off and becomes more manageable, but it still stays fun!

Cygnus said...

Sorry about the plate; I love Peanuts stuff!

I found the sister of my first girlfriend on Facebook! That was neat; I recognized her almost immediately, even though I hadn't seen her since high school.

Will you friend me? *bats eyes*

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Cyg, I'll friend you if I can get back on Facebook again - my PC is an old one from my folks, and it has a password I don't know, to turn off the Trendmicro Protection stupid thing - my dad doesn't know what it is.. ack!

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...
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Sassy said...

That breaks my ♥ for you about the plate...I have a hard time letting things go especially if there are ties to loved ones....sorry 'bout that!

Tummy said...

Awwww, I hate that your plate broke. That's sad.

Glad you had a good time playing Phase 10, the small ones look pooped :)

Looney Lisa said...

Hey chickie! Sorry about your plate. :( So cool you still have it though.