Friday, September 18, 2009

Some summer faces...

I wonder if they were really having fun....
This summer we went to Lagoon - an amusement park in Utah..
It was WARM for us Arizonans.. because we
don't normally stand around in the sun.
Cousin Alissa and Uncle Fon went with us, we really did have lots of
fun, despite the faces below..

Brennan wasn't super thrilled to have to go on the Tilt-a-Whirl,
and Mallory was just tired of waiting.

Brennan and Alissa did the daredevil stunts -
flying and the catapult!

I think they loved it!
I'd consider the flying, but when they let you go, you end up face down, feet up..

That? I don't think I could take..

I found that I LOVED the Blastoff - Mallory, not so much!
My BIL Fon had fun on it as well - was good at encouraging Mallory..

Yes - we got pretty wet!

Rattlesnake Rapids
Perhaps Brennan & Alissa enjoyed it the most!

I'll have to soon get some of Brennan's football pictures up.

I've put them on Facebook. I'm really proud of him.

He has never played organized sports,

except for an afterschool basketball team in 5th or 6th grade.

But this year he has gone out for 9th grade football, and

has been the punter for his team. He has really gotten into shape, and enjoys it!

My little boy is growing up..


He's taller than me...


Laura said...

No way! Can't believe he's taller than you are. Looks like a fun summer--at least the trip to Lagoon.

Cygnus said...

Nice pics! You'll have to come up here one summer.

Puffy said...

The Fonz is your relative?

Oh, it's Fon.


Love the pictures, especially the one flying on the ride.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Lol at Puffy! I know, its a strange name - his dad is Fon Ray, and he is Fon Ray Jr... I could tell you the history of the name if I remembered it... don't even remember where their ancestry is from...

The Coolest Blackwells Ever said...

Sounds like you guys had lots of fun at Lagoon!

Annette said...


I'm Lynn's friend. You wondered about the apron pattern. If you want to email me, I can give you specific instructions. I hope to give step by step pictures the next time I make one, but that may be a while! You have a very nice blog and family. Annette

Patterson Family said...

I love brennan's face in the last picture! I loved lagoon when I was little. I haven't been there since-I would love to go back cause you guys look like you had fun!

Kaja said...

Uncle Fon is the 3rd Fon. It's wrong on so many different levels. But anyway, I was going to say that my mom always got sad when we'd grow taller than her. She keeps calling herself the runt of the family. I think only Brandi is shorter than her, but I think that'll end in a couple of years, unfortunately.

dragonflies said...

hehe, I love rollercoasters. Now Marisa does too. Devon is a chicken, he won't even consider riding them with us, although he did when he and his girlfriend went to our county fair!

Love the pics!

BTW, he is now 6'1", and a freshman in HS too!

Kim Hacking said...

Love that last picture! Don't you hate it when they get taller than you? Jacek was taller than me after 5th grade and I think Keaton may break that record at the rate he's growing!

Kerrie said...

Love it! Sounds like you guys had a super time. I love football! I used to be a little cheerleader and loved it when I got to cheer for my brother out there on the field. (loved cheering for my crushes too-woo!)So fun! Crazy that B is taller now! What!? That will be a crazy day when my boys are taller than me!

Patterson Family said...

My first year of organized sports was also for Taylor in 9th grade. I think I played a total of five plays all year. He's doing a lot better than I did.