Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Good Karma... Beagle Karma, that is!

Ahh.. the looks deceive!

A little short of a year ago, we adopted this little fellow. He is the epitomy of rambunctious! But we love him! We later found out that our son's 6th grade teacher had SIX beagles! (Yes! All at once!) She currently has four, as 2 have passed away recently!

Tuesday Morning before school, Teacher calls and asked if our beagle was missing... no.. he was in the kennel for the day! They found an older female wandering around the school - wondering if I knew who it belonged to. I said I'd check one home on my way to work, but left it at that. Then before school got out, DS and Teacher called again, wondering if we could bring her home, until the Beagle Rescue volunteers could come and get her. Not something I was really wanting to do.. but.. okay.

So, I walked over to the school with a leash and collar, and brought her home. Milo, our dog, was more than excited... I don't believe he stopped barking the entire time she was here! I got in touch with the Beagle Rescue folks, and they advised that I take her to animal control, which law.. what should be done. I wasn't looking forward to trying to keep the two dogs apart all night, so I was happy to do that. The Rescue folks will check on her today, and make sure she gets taken care of. It turned out that she was microchipped, so they were going to call her family in the next town.

SO.. Teacher says I get good Beagle karma for taking care of this sweet dog. She was sooo unlike our perky puppy! She was older, probably 7 or 8, and quite docile. Gosh.. I can't wait until Milo gets a bit older!

The other sad part of this is that my 6 year old DD got VERY attached to her in a short time... just sobbing when we went to animal control, and again last night just thinking about her! We've assured her that "Samantha" will get back to her own family, and that she'll be taken care of!

So goes the doggie drama for the day!


Puffy said...

I knew there was a reason why your name is "mom." Good job!

Mom2BJM said...

Well.. I'm not going to change my name to mom2bjmm - just not happening.. :-)

~Nutz said...

*wetnosesmooches* for the best dog sitter ever! :D

Swami said...

Beagles are nice little dogs. I'm glad she was microchipped!

Six beagles sounds like a whole lot of dog to me.

kim (weltek) said...

Wow, that's so cool that people actually microchip their animals.

Could you take my neighbor's Beagle? She's a real pest. It's more owner specific than beagle specific, though.

Mom2BJM said...

Swami, that IS a whole lotta beagle! Kids keep begging me to get another one, because Teacher says they mellow out when they have another dog to play with!

Kim, no, I will not take your neighbor.. I like mine for the most part! Would consider the beagle though.

dragonflies said...

Good job mom!

I once saw a St Bernard trotting along the side of the street. I pulled over and opened the door to my small sports car, and he jumped right into the front seat. I took him home, and saw he had a collar on. I called his owner, left a message. Turns out he had broken his lead (for the 4th time). Owner came to get him later that night. What a sweetie he was, although our cats didn't think so.

Cygnus said...

Mom, I highly recommend you not rent "Old Yeller" for the kids anytime soon.

mm said...

Yay for mom! I love it when people do the right thing for lost pets.

HistoryDetective said...

Yay for the microchips!

Cute pooches.