Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oh PuuuhhLease...

Saturday afternoon.
Grocery shopping.
Checking out.
Casually look across the store.
Large, beer-bellied man talking on cell phone.
Has hand under stained t-shirt that barely covers belly...
Picking lint out of belly-button.
Flicking it across the floor.


Who teaches these people manners?

apparently no one.


kim (weltek) said...

EEEEEEW! I've never seen someone pick belly button lint in public.

I clean my belly buttton about twice per week with a Q-Tip. There is a little revealing fact about me.

Swami said...


I don't think I get belly button lint. I wash it when I shower but there is never any little lint-bunny thing inside.

This was in a grocery store? {shudder} I'm so glad that I compulsively wash my produce and/or discard outer leaves and skins.

Mom2BJM said...

Yep, pretty disgusting.

One would have thunk that the rednecks had moved in. I consider my neighborhood fairly middle class, maybe lower middle class, but that?? was just gross.

Kim, I'm glad to know that you regularly cleanse. :-)

kim (weltek) said...

I don't get lint, either, anymore. Why did I used to? I'm so confused.

~Nutz said...

Ewww! Gross.

At least he didn't have his hand down his pants and picking his butt! :D

Puffy said...

Ack! And to think that I read this right before lunch.

Lasann said...

Some people are just gross!

LOL at Nutz - or picking his nose.

Cygnus said...

That was me?

Mom2BJM said...

There would have TOTALLY been a plumber's crack had this man bent over.

No Cyg , thinking it was not such a classy guy as yourself...