Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Making a list...

I do not usually make lists... I probably should, so here goes.


1. Rode my bike after seeing the kids to school! (that felt good!!)

2. Read some blogs, and hit 800 in RTVW posts! (yeay for me!)

3. Ground a can of wheat.

4. Started a batch of bread. (Currently rising on the counter.)

5. Cleaned the girls' room - under the bed, straightened drawers - I think J has enough underwear to last her about 3 weeks! Sheesh! Also cleaned other nooks and crannies, trying to find stuff to throw away.

Still to do...

Take a shower (come on, it's only noon!)

Bake the bread

Do some laundry

Take the kids to Piano

Enjoy a little "me" time while they are there!

(aren't you proud of me for making a list?? There are other things to do, but that's a WHOLE nother list...)


frodis said...

That's a good list! I love baking bread and I don't do it nearly often enough.

I have to make a list, but it would have 140,000 things on it and I'm a little scared to make it.

Lasann said...

OMG, how do you ground a can of wheat.

It's good that you didn't find anything odd under the girls' bed.

Mom2BJM said...

Fro - of course when you are pregnant there are thousands of things to do.. I'm trying to get my sister to get over to my house to take all my baby boy clothes off my hands - she is due in 6 weeks. And.. my baby boy is now 12!

Lasann- I have a wheat grinder that was/still is my MIL's. I started grinding wheat to make bread- I use about half wheat flour and half white, and it is quite tasty!

~Nutz said...

*runs into blog*

*throws javelin*

*steps aside for the next person*


Cygnus said...

Hey! Easy with those crooks and nannies!

Puffy said...

Another advantage to lists is that you can "see" how much you've accomplished.