Tuesday, April 24, 2007

oh my...

Well, for an update. We went to the apt complex to sign the application, and give a little more information, paystubs, etc. We asked if we could go ahead and sign the lease, instead of coming back in two weeks, since it is several miles away. The leasing agent said sure, and she started going thru it. It seemed there was more than we ever signed for our house - signatures and initials everywhere.

My sister was not initially put on the lease because she has an eviction on her credit record. I don't know the details of it, or how long ago it was, but it is apparently supposed to drop off soon.
Well, one of the points on the lease was.. if you have a guest that stays longer than a week, they are considered a resident, and must be put on the lease. Now, "WE " knew that my sis was going to be living there, but I figured that the leasing office did not know. I didn't say anything, we finished signing and went out to the car. I mentioned my thoughts to DH, and I called my sis. I said " do they know you are going to be living here?" She said " are you in front of her right now?" "No." She said something to the effect of they don't need to know.

I stepped out of the car, because I didn't want my girls to hear what I was saying. (no, I wasn't cussing...) . I told her that I felt deceived, and that I wanted to help them, but I would not lie. I told her that she would not be able to hide with a baby in an apartment for a year. They would not give her a key, only us and BIL. She said something about paying for her mistakes. Um yeah, you do have to pay for your mistakes, but it is NOT my fault.

So, she filled out an application, and yes they got denied. I think they probably blame me a bit, but I hope not. My brother, with whom they are currently living, made sure to point out to them that I am NOT to blame.

I have not talked to them since... but they are applying at another place. They somehow need to find a place where they can live, but with her being a resident, but not necessarily financially responsible.. as we would probably co-sign again if needed.

I just don't want to wreck my relationship with my sister... my only sister.


kim (weltek) said...

Wow! I thik it all worked out for the best. They knew you were willing to lend a hand. That meant a lot to them. If she's a little upset with you, it's just misplaced embarassment about what she did. *hugs*

~Nutz said...

I know she's your sister, but if she meant to deliberately deceive I'm not sure I would be so quick to cosign. Of course, you know the situation much better than I and your heart and head will tell you what to do when the time comes and if they ask for your help again.

{{{hugs}}} and strength are coming your way!

Puffy said...

This is a tough one. (hugs)

~Nutz said...

Hi Mom! I will come up with your interview questions this weekend... either tonight or tomorrow. I am going to send them in a PM over at RTVW.

...and don't worry, I'll be kind! No reason to be skeered. :)

~Nutz said...

I suck! I haven't thought of your questions yet. I'll get to them soon!