Tuesday, April 17, 2007

First of all...

1. Where did motormouth's blog go??

2. Do you get tired of figuring out what to cook for dinner?

3. Have you had any experience with online BMG music service?
DD J inadvertantly signed up for it.. here comes a cd in the mail. Yes, she is 9 years old, and has no income. All the information on the website said YOU MUST FULFILL YOUR COMMITMENT> sorry.. but my 9 year old has no income, and I'm NOT paying for CD's for her. So.. I wrote them a letter, and shipped the CD back.. which she had already opened before I got home (rats!!) . So I am HOPING to never hear from them again.

4. Yippee! It's my day off! I've got two batches of bread going.. I will give some away, as well as maybe sell some!

5. Have you ever cosigned for someone, and had it go bad?
We are cosigning for my Sis & BIL to get into an apartment, and out of my brother's basement. They are due to have a baby in May. Sis's credit is so bad, and had a prior conviction, so she is not even signing the lease - they wouldn't rent to her. So BIL is it.. and us. They are coming over tonight, and we'll be laying down some rules. We haven't worked hard for 15 years to get our credit where it is, to have them mess it up. We'll be finding how long before we can be taken off the lease. Consider this my good deed for the month. :-)

6. I'm going to see the Rembrandt / Dutch exhibit at the Phx Art Museum the end of this month. I'm excited to see it, as I've been doing the Art Masterpiece program at the school this year. Phx is one of only 3 cities (I believe) that this Dutch exhibit will be visiting on this trip.

Happy Hump Day, Everyone!


Puffy said...

mm has disappeared! Her blog is the question of the day. She was still on old blogger, so maybe that's the key.

I bought through BMG years ago, before the internet! They will bug you for years. Did she sign up for one of those buy 1 get 12 free? You might want to take advantage of it. They honor their committments, but they'll never forget your name.

Mr. Puffy co-signed for a car loan for someone. That's why his credit score is lower than mine. Make sure YOU get copies of receipts for the rent EVERY single month, so you know the rent is paid before it's too late. Good luck.

Cygnus said...

BMG and Columbia House can be pests. But I do admit that BMG helped build my CD collection when I finally made the jump from tapes back in 1993.

I don't co-sign, for just that reason; I'd sooner save up and pay for something with cash (as we're now trying to do for a new vehicle for LC). The appearance of helping out isn't worth the potential hassle.

Mom2BJM said...

Well, it seemed it was only a buy one get one sort of thing... I really don't know, and don't want to know. ANd.. they had Better forget my name. I"m just glad the email address she gave them didn't work, so they won't keep sending them!

MM said...

I'm here! I'm here! LOL. Having some blog troubles, but will be back up soon.


kim (weltek) said...

I miss MM's blog.

I am a member of BMG. I've had no problems the few times I've joined. I do it every few years to refresh my cd collection. It's nice that you can respond to the monthly selection email online (at least they send you an email, some just assume you'll remember monthly). With your situation, I hope they cancel the membership. I'm sure it's not the first time this has happened!

I'd be torn on co-signing. I've never done it. I never asked anyone to. I think it's incredibly nice of you to do so. If I were you, I'd keep open communication with the landlord. You need to know asap if they are falling behind on rent.