Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Why... Thank you!!!

Big Thanks to BMG Music - I am pleased to say that after sending back the CD that DD "ordered" by clicking boxes on the web, BMG sent me a letter stating they'd cancel her account, and remove her name from any further promotions. The ironic thing was that a packet for ordering more CD's came in the mail the very same day! (Yes, I know they probably crossed in the mail.)

As for my sister, as far as I know, they are still trying to find a place to live. I haven't had an update from her, and she's not committed to that, so , no big deal. I probably should call to check on her however.

On another note, I'm still patiently waiting for my interview questions from Nutz...


ETA - oh great, as soon as I published, I went and found my PM with questions! I am off to work, so I'll have to do it later!


~Nutz said...

Hee! :D

I sent those questions last night, silly. You didn't wait by your inbox to see if they came yet?

Mom2BJM said...

um.. I was busy with a grumpy husband last night. Work is stressing him out. And trying to get the kids fed and all.. it was hot dogs (no buns around..) and Pasta Roni. Real nutritious cooking there! Dad2bjm bought me a English pastie - I'm going to go heat that up for my afternoon snack, since I didn't have lunch..

~Nutz said...

A English "pastie"? Is that anything like an American pastie? Do you wear them where most people wear them? *giggle* :D


Mom2BJM said...

Umm.. .Nutz... you may not be my favorite today..

No, like a Cornish pastie - pastry - filled with meat and potatoes. I loved cheese and onion pasties when I was in England... yum.

Puffy said...

I thought the word "pastie" when I was in England was funny. They're all over the place; sort of like fast food hamburger joints here.