Monday, September 24, 2007


It's finally cooling off!

Last night we were able to turn off the AC, open the windows and doors, and let some cool air in! We left the front door open all night! (We have a security screen door with a dead bolt..) It was so nice to have some fresh air. It was also nice to turn off the electricity sucking air conditioner. My last electric bill was $300 and something for the month of August !

Yes, we have them in the summer, and others have them in the winter.

What has been YOUR highest electricity bill?


Puffy said...

$248 last month, but some of my neighbor's bills have been much higher.

MM said...

I have no idea what our bill is. I never even ask. I do know that I'd rather not ever use the AC. It gets too cold for me.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Eek Puffy! That's bad but not too bad. Thankfully I have the plan where it evens it out over the year. I currently pay $163 per month no matter what.

Good for you MM - I can't ignore because I pay the bills round here. Hmm, DH is an accountant, but "I" pay the bills. I'm a control freak that way, and he is much too busy at work these days!

~Nutz said...

My electric bill is on a budget option. Right now I pay $151/mo., but this year we put in a new AC unit. Our heat & hot water are gas (also on a budget option - $160/mo). Those are new too! I can't wait to see how much difference they make in our bills.

Silvergirl said...

Last time I checked, it was about $140 on the budget plan. We have the A/C on right now because it's still hot and humid outside. Hurry up Fall, and get here!

PS - I live in Maryland.