Saturday, March 15, 2008


I honestly don't know what I'd do without it! How would I live??

I got my Bosch a few years ago, when it was on sale. This Concept 7 machine came with a blender, and a grater slicer attachment as well. I also make my bread in it about once a week.

When I was not working during Summer 2006, I ended up making a lot of bread, and selling to neighbors and friends. There were some kids who were coming around the neighborhood selling bread, and I figured I could sell my own. So I got a little more proficient at it. I use my Great Gramma Bloomer's bread recipe, which I got from my mom, so I feel like I'm doing something handed down.

I don't know how my mom made bread for years without one.. I'm sure with a family of 7, and not alot of money, she made plenty - I know she got a Bosch years later, but I'm not sure when. I do remember toast made from homemade bread - it just can't be beat!

Nevertheless, I do make alot in my Bosch - bread, cookies, crepes (in the blender) - I don't know that I'd bake as much without it!

For all those of you with Kitchenaids, come over from the dark side and get a BOSCH! They are the best!

*Thank Goodness For My Bosch!


Kristy said...

A Bosch is definitely on my want list! My mom has one and Jon just can't understand why I'd rather have a Bosch than a KitchenAid, but I think it's so much easier to use!

And as for Killer's a card game. We played it at the Umphreys' house a few months ago. And so my sister gave it to us for Christmas. She also gave us an expansion deck for my birthday...which the original deck is big enough if you ask me! If you're interested at all you can get a sneak peak at

See you tomorrow!

Kelly said...

Amen Amy! My mom had a Bosch when I was growing up. When I was in college I woked across the street from the Bosch store and one day they brought in some special "neighbor" coupons, which was something like $100 off on a sale weekend- so I went and got one! I wasn't married yet and wasn't baking much at the time, but I knew I needed it. I'm SO glad! I've never owned a kitchenaid and never plan to! :)