Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I met WHEEZY!!

Last night I went to Borders at Superstition Springs, and met Lisa McMann, who is the author of a new teen book called Wake. I haven't read the book yet, so I can't give any reviews, but I had to go and meet her anyway!

For my non-OT friends, Lisa, aka Wheezy, is a former poster at Off Topic, which is part of a Reality TV message board where I occasionally post messages. I found the board when I started watching The Amazing Race, and eventually made my way to the Off Topic - where Lisa used to post. That is also what led me to blogging, as many of the posters there had blogs, and in order to comment, I needed to have a blog as well. Occasionally, these posters from around the country would have Peep Meets - meeting up when travelling around, and many have become good friends as a result, and I believe two marriages have come about, and consequent babies also.

I'm not terribly bold when it comes to arranging peep meets, as there had been a couple of posters here in the area, but this one was easy for me, simply go to the mall, and talk to Lisa for a few minutes! Anyway, it was exciting for me to meet her, although we didn't talk for long, it was fun!


Kristy said...

That's pretty exciting! Jon and I have been reading a series called Fablehaven. Anyways, the 3rd book comes out later this month and when I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday, I saw that the author will be doing a signing shortly after the book is released. I've never gone and met an author before, but I told Jon that we should give it a shot.

Anonymous said...

Yay for you!! Great pic.

~Nutz said...

That is soooo cooool! I can't believe you met da Wheeze!!!

Funny thing? I ordered her book from Amazon just the other day. I wish she was coming near me for a book signing. *pout*

Puffy said...

Lucky you! One of the few Wheezy-meeters!