Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bucket List

I don't even really have one.. but a post on one of the message boards I visit asked,
what are two things on your bucket list? Two things you would like to accomplish before you die.. Hence... "kick the bucket.."

I posted that I would like to visit the Netherlands, where my grandmother was born.
Another is to write my personal history. There are many things that I would like to know about my mother's side of the family, that I don't believe are written down. So, I don't want to leave my life in pieces for my children to pick up... that's assuming that SOMEDAY.. they will think I have been an interesting person.

What do you have on your list?


The Chapmans said...

I also want to visit the Netherlands. Lets go together:)
We have been interviewing my parents on video so that we can have their life histories. It has been so much fun. I love it!

Cygnus said...

Go back to England, for sure. And take LC with me.

(nice prettying of your blog, BTW!)

Swami said...

Oh look -- your blog got all pretty for spring!

Recently I have decided to live forever, so I canceled my bucket list.

Lisa McMann said...

Tag. You're it.


Puffy said...

I don't have a bucket list, but I do keep some scratch paper in a pail.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I'd like to be same before I kick the bucket but in order to do that I am either going to have to read a whole lot more self help books or else everyone I know will have to get well and healthy and do things EXACTLY like I want them to. So, I guess I can't go.

Seriously, this is an interesting idea, I'd have to think about it. I hope you get that trip to the Neatherlands. I can vouch for the personal history thing. I meet with a group once a week and we read a story from our personal history. I have remembered more than I thought about my childhood. I gave a lesson today in Relief Society about Journaling and I'm NOT so good about that but would like to be.

So, good luck with both on your list.

Brimley Family said...

How exciting to hear from you! I didn't realize how many people have blogs! Your blog is so cute! I need to be better about keeping a personal history too! I also need to begin doing family history! What a big task! We miss our old ward and miss seeing you guys! Spencer and I were called to be the raod show specialists in our new ward, it has come and gone, thankfully. It was a fun calling but I am glad the road show is over. It was good to hear from you, we'll have to keep in touch!

Fat & Sassy said...

Secondly.....Have a MORE ORGANIZED LIFE! So that I can slow down and breathe and enjoy the ol' life a lot MORE!

Kerrie said...

I think a life history story is a great one. I thought about that in RS yesterday actually. I think it was neat that Lehi and Nephi were named after their relatives who were born what-500 years ago. I don't even know a name of a relative of mine that long ago let alone what they did! It made me want to do geneology.
I have so much i'd like to do. Something i would love to do when all my children are here is take them to all of the church historical sites. I think that would be an awesome family experience. I went two sibs and my parents one summer and had such a neat experience.