Friday, November 16, 2007

"We're Having a Heat Wave...

A tropical Heat wave."

At least we were a couple of months ago.
Which resulted in an increase of $45 on my electric bill.
I have a plan that evens out my bills over the year.
Since it was still very hot in September, we ran the
A/C for alot longer, and now we are paying for it.

In other news, DH got a bonus, and a promotion at work,
so I think we are going to Cheesecake Factory for dinner tonight,
WITH the children... oh, this'll be fun.
I'm going to have to take my Frugal hat off, and not be so controlling.

Yep, me, the Controlling Mother.
More about this later.


Puffy said...

We're getting a Cheesecake Factory near me in a new shopping center.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Puffy, enjoy it while it is newly opened, before everyone figures out it is there. We went just after 6 on a Friday night and told only 15-30 wait time. I know at the others in the valley it would have been more than an hour. THis was a new one about 5 miles away. They built it right next to an existing mall, taking up a little parking space, but helping to create a new attraction for the mall, with a new Borders in that mall entrance.