Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Once a month posting??

I'm not doing so good am I? Finding a time to write posts is hard, I only have about an hour after work before the girls get home and demand my attention!

And... I'm just not sure what to say. I don't feel like a creative writer at all.

Halloween went alright. DH had to go to St. Louis on Weds, and then came back on Thurs, so I had to do Halloween ALONE with the kids. I am NOT the one usually handing out candy... I am grumpy that way. We have a Trunk or Treat down in the church parking lot.. and a chili cookoff, though there is really no contest. I made a pot of White Chicken Chili - using a McCormick's spice packet, only to be found at WalMart. It was yummy, and there was plenty to bring home, and have as leftovers on Thurs. I didn't enjoy handing out candy, the pain in my face was acting up a bit (though I'm feeling WONDERFUL today!) so I wasn't in a good mood.

The kids had fun anyway... we had a self made Baseball player, a self made Pop Star, and a mommy-made cheerleader costume! (darn good if I say so myself!)


MTW said...

My DD had a really good time at the Trunk or Treat at our church. I didn't know that was a common thing.

I'm like you in that I hate handing out candy. First of all, it goes against my nature to give my candy to strangers. Second of all, I hate having to pretend to think all the kids I don't know are cute. It's not as if they've got adorable little penguin costumes or something!

And finally, I hate having the teens coming to my door with no costumes, or worse yet, the teen girls with inappropriate costumes (aren't you a cute naughty Catholic schoolgirl!). Yes, it happens!

Halloween. Bah, humbug! :)

And yes, you should post more. Try staying up really, really late at night!

Cygnus said...

Ladycub gave out candy, while I had to work. Other than that, we don't celebrate Halloween.

No pics of your kids in their costumes? :-(

Chili is good. I made a potful for LC and myself for her birthday last week.

Puffy said...

I love to hand out the candy and exclaim "oh how pretty" to the little girls and scream in terror at the little boys.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

I was just grumpy this year, probably for being without DH. He's been working A LOT so I haven't been seeing him much lately.

But really, I don't like the teenagers begging for candy, and then the ones who came around twice... NOT. I knew most of the kids, of course, but some others came in from the surrounding neighborhood, as well. ONE!! That's it! "No more soup for you!"

Cyg, I tried to get a picture in there... I'll try again!